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Suzhou is a place of great beauty. As an old Chinese saying goes, “Just as there is paradise in heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou on the earth.” Situated in the eastern province of Jiangsu, at the lower reaches of the Grand Canal, Suzhou is famous for its representative Chinese gardens of southern style; and it also has the reputation as the maker of the world's finest silk.

Suzhou is one of the top 10 tourism cities in China, called the City of Classical Gardens. In 1997 the classical gardens including Humble Administrator's Garden, Garden of the Net Master, Pavilion of the Surging Wave, Lingering Garden and Lion Grove were added to the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Walk around Pingjiang Old Street, experiencing the local leisure lifestyle here; boat on the river of Zhouzhuang, enjoying the water town customs; visit the Suzhou Museum, seeing ancient Chinese art, ancient Chinese paintings, calligraphies, and hand-made crafts … >> Read more about Suzhou history, facts, getting around, etc.

Visit Suzhou with us to discover the charming scenery, customs and silk culture! Easy Tour China will take care of all your preference and needs, lead your way to a perfect Suzhou trip. Whatever a leisure tour or a history and culture tour, it’s easy to experience the real life in Suzhou!

Suggested Private Suzhou Tour Packages

We offer you customized Suzhou tours, taking you to follow the Suzhou citizens’ steps to experience the beauty of the classical old city. In our Suzhou packages, you will fully experience Chinese classical aesthetics and art by visiting gardens, water towns, Old Street, studying the structure of temples and silk textile…

  • 1 Days
    One day Suzhou Highlight Tour

    So you’ve been planning a Suzhou highlight tour to visit all of the city’s favourite spots – old waterways, pagodas, the

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  • 2 Days
    Suzhou Culture Tour

    Savor Suzhou’s charms with ETC’s 2-day Suzhou culture tour. From a dozen of UNESCO-protected Chinese classic gardens, Grand

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  • 3 Days
    Suzhou Tongli Water Town Tour

    Because of its beautiful landscape, time-honored gardens and architectures, laid-back lifestyle and gastronomic delights, Suzho

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  • 3 Days
    Suzhou Weekend Getaway with Zhouzhuang Water Town

    Classical gardens, golden waterway of ancient times and pristine water towns – Suzhou reminds people of all those things, but

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  • 5 Days
    Shanghai / Suzhou / Tongli Tour Package

    This 5-day tour combines the vibrancy of "Oriental Paris" - Shanghai, and a traditional garden trip in Suzhou with the water pa

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Recommended China Tour Packages including Suzhou

A leisure holiday including Suzhou will make your China tour more meaningful. After appreciating the further history of the north, and gazing at the comely mountains and rivers of the south, then shuttling into the magical landform of the west, you will surely feel its unique charm when you come to Suzhou.

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Top Experiences & Attractions in Suzhou

  • Located at 178 Dongbei Street of Suzhou, the Humble Administrator's Garden is the largest garden in the city, and it is also regarded as the 4 most famous gardens in China, togethe...
  • Garden of Net Master is the smallest among the four most famous classic gardens in Suzhou, yet it is the most impressive, thanks to the architect who used its limited space smartly...
  • Covering an area of 2.3 hectares, the Lingering Garden is the best preserved among all the Suzhou gardens. It is also one of the four most famous gardens in China, (the other three...
  • Encompassing 1.07 hectares (2.7 acres) Pavilion of the Surging Waves, one of the oldest existing gardens, is well known for its peaceful scenery and simple architecture. It was bui...
  • Suzhou Museum founded in 1960 was originally located in the national historic landmark, Zhong Wang Fu palace complex. The new museum was designed by world illustrious architect I.M...
  • Almost every piece of the ancient town is an art work. According to the Suzhou Tourism Bureau, they have invited all the best archaeologists in China to manage a deteriorating carv...

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