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In Chinese language, Nanjing (historically Nanking) means "southern capital" and had served as the capitals of six dynasties. As one of the most attractive major cities in China, it is situated in the lower reach of the Yangtze River; the impetuous river divides the city into two sections with good scenic. Let the long historical heritage and culture surround you in Nanjing.

Most of the Nanjing's attractions are reminders of the city's past glory, especially under the Ming Dynasty. As one of the top 4 Garden Cities, Zhanyuan Garden provides you the view of the classic Chinese garden. Strolling in Qinghuai River or Chaotian palace, they will get you back to the prosperous Ming Dynasty. If you’re interested in the history or stories during the time of the republic of China, call at Presidential Palace of Nanjing or Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum to know more. You can also find the influence of Buddhist here by visiting Jiming Temple… >> Read more about Nanjing history, facts, getting around, etc.

Book a Nanjing Trip with Easy Tour China, learning more history about ancient China. Enjoy your vacation in Nanjing by private vehicle, biking, public transports or hiking, we provide a variety of ways to show you a real China and Najing full of stories with quality services. Warmly invite you to join us!

Suggested Private Nanjing Tour Packages

With long history, rich heritage & culture and tasty food, it’s worthwhile to have a deep experience in Nanjing. Whatever you are a fan of Chinese history, a food-lover, or interested in Buddhist culture, you can find what you want in Nanjing.

  • 2 Days
    2 Days Nanjing Essence Tour

    Nanjing served as the capital for six ancient dynasties, and it was the capital of the Republic of China before 1949, thus boas

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  • 3 Days
    Nanjing Highlights Tour

    Nanjing was the Chinese capital for six dynasties during a period of nearly 500 years. Travel with our local expert guide and m

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Recommended China Tour Packages including Nanjing

There are many faces of Nanjing for you to discover. If you are the first time coming to China, having a train tour from Beijing to Shanghai with stopping in Nanjing or a couple of days can enrich your holiday. Extend your trip to Xian, Datong, Pingyao or Luoyang, to have a comprehensive history tour…

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  • This is a tour package that including the most popular cities along the Yangtze River, with several transportations could be ar

  • An 11-day trip for unforgettable journey in ancient capitals of China, namely Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Luoyang, Xian and Be

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Top Experiences & Attractions in Nanjing

  • In the south of Nanjing, near a stretch of the Qinhai River (110 km long tributary of Yangtze River southwest of Jiangsu Province), is a newly developed area with Qing-style buildi...
  • Dr. Sun Yat-sen is recognized as the father of Modern China by the Communists and Kuomingtang. He passed away in Beijing in 1925. Construction of his mausoleum started in January o...
  • Located at the southern foot of Mount Zijin in the eastern suburb of Nanjing, is the burial site of Zhu Yuanzhang (1328-1398, reigned 1368-1398), the first emperor of the Ming Dyna...
  • Three large groups of carved reliefs and seventeen small tablets upon which the major sites and historical facts of the massacre are carved, surrounded by withered trees and cobble...
  • Besides typical Chinese palatial style architecture, there are also some sections with the design of the style of Chinese garden in the Presidential Palace of Nanjing. On the other...
  • With a circumference of 33.676 km, the city wall in Nanjing built in the period 1366 to 1386 in the beginning of the Ming Dynasty is 12 meters in average height, providing 13,616 c...

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