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As one of the most attractive major cities in China, Nanjing (historically Nanking) is situated in the lower reach of the Yangtze River. It sports a long historical heritage and has served as the capitals of six dynasties. In Chinese language, Nanjing means "southern capital", Beijing - "northern capital". Most of the Nanjing's attractions are reminders of the city's past glory, especially under the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

Major attractions in Nanjing include: Confucius Temple, Dr. Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, The Ming Tomb in Nanjing (Xiao-ling), The Old City Wall of Nanjing and Lingu Temple.
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Nanjing served as the capital for six ancient dynasties, and thus boasts numerous historical sights – the reminders of its former glory.

Make an in-depth exploration of time-honored Nanjing during the 3-day trip. Experience the old-world elegance of ancient China with all must-see historical sights.

Nanjing Attractions More

  • Confucius Temple (Fuzimiao)
    Confucius Temple (Fuzimiao)

    In the south of Nanjing, near a stretch of the Qinhai River (110 km long tributary of Yangtze River southwest of Jiangsu Province), is a newly devel ...

  • Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum
    Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum

    Dr. Sun Yat-sen is recognized as the father of Modern China by the Communists and Kuomingtang. He passed away in Beijing in 1925. Construction of hi ...

  • The Ming Tomb in Nanjing (Xiao-ling)
    The Ming Tomb in Nanjing (Xiao-ling)

    Located at the southern foot of Mount Zijin in the eastern suburb of Nanjing, is the burial site of Zhu Yuanzhang (1328-1398, reigned 1368-1398), th ...

  • The City Wall in Nanjing
    The City Wall in Nanjing

    With a circumference of 33.676 km, the city wall in Nanjing built in the period 1366 to 1386 in the beginning of the Ming Dynasty is 12 meters in av ...

  • Lingu Monastery
    Lingu Monastery

    The monastery lies 1.5 km east of Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum and was first built in 514 and was moved to the present location in 1381. When the fir ...

  • The Memorial of the Nanjing Massacre
    The Memorial of the Nanjing Massacre

    Covering a total area of 28000 square meters with 3000 square meters of building floor space, the Nanjing Memorial Hall was built in 1985 by the Nan ...

  • Presidential Palace of Nanjing
    Presidential Palace of Nanjing

    Located at 292 Changjiang Road, in the Xuanwu District of Nanjing, Presidential Palace of Nanjing used to be the Office of the President of the Repu ...

  • The Gate of China
    The Gate of China

    Formerly known as Jubao Gate,the Gate of China was built on the site of the south gate of Nanjing, the capital city of the Southern Tang dynasty. T ...

Nanjing | Food & Restaurants More

Nanjing cuisine (also known as Jing-su cuisine) is the important component of Huaiyang Cuisine, which is the four most famous cruises in China (other three are Sichuan, Guangdong and Shandong). Traditional Nanjing cuisine is notable for the emphasis on original flavor and carefully selected raw ingredients. Nanjing dishes are usually bright in color and use only a moderate amount of seasoning but a significant amount of oil.The characteristics of flavor lie in its mellow taste, neither too salty nor too light, which suits the appetite of everybody. The ... More

Nanjing | Weather & Climate More

Nanjing enjoys a mild monsoonal climate. Seasons are distinct in Nanjing, with usually hot summers and plenty of rainfall throughout the year. Along with Wuhan and Chongqing, Nanjing is often referred to as one of the "Three Furnace-like Cities" along the Yangtze River for the perennially high temperature in summer. The average temperature during the year is 15.7 °C (60 °F), with the highest recorded temperature being 43 °C (109 °F) (July 1 ... More

Nanjing Travel Tips More

Nanjing, historically, served as the capital of six dynasties. Today, most of Nanjing’s major attractions are reminders of the city’s former glory under the Ming. Some useful and practical travel tips are listed below for your Nanjing tour. Best Time to Nanjing1. There are four distinct seasons with very hot summers and cold winters in Nanjing. So the best time for a visit should be in spring and autumn if you want to stay comfortably outdoors and go sight-seeing during your stay.2. Do remember to avoid the period, from 1st May to 3rd May and from 1s ... More

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