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Luoyang was once the capital of nine dynasties from the 21st century BC to the late Tang dynasty, served as the eastern end of Silk Road, with Buddhism spread from India instead of silk itself.

As an ancient capital of long-time brilliance and prosperity and an economic and cultural center, marvelous cultural sites and magnificent relics further illustrate its great importance in Chinese history. Among all of them, the grand Longmen Grottoes are the must-see for anyone who are interested in Buddhistm and the sculptures.
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This tour takes you into the amazing ancient capital of Luoyang and gives you the chance to visit the first Buddhist temple & the origin of Kungfu and stun at the grand Longmen caves.
Discover Luoyang and nearby Dengfeng on this 3 days Luoyang tours to visit the Longmen Caves, Shaolin Temple, ancient academy and star watching oberservatory.

Luoyang Hotels More

  • Luoyang Peony Hotel
    Luoyang Peony Hotel

    The Peony Hotel Luoyang is located in both the business center and traffic center of Luoyang on Zhongzhou Lu. It is close to a big park and the flow ...

  • New Friendship Hotel Luoyang
    New Friendship Hotel Luoyang

    Luoyang New Friendship Hotel is a three-star international hotel in Luoyang, called the "Capital of Nine Dynasties.” The highlight here is the Suzh ...

  • New Jianlong Hotel Luoyang
    New Jianlong Hotel Luoyang

    The 3-star hHotel comprehensively provides accommodation, dining, bathing, recreation, and business activities.

  • Jingan Peony Plaza Hotel Luoyang
    Jingan Peony Plaza Hotel Luoyang

    JINGAN Peony Plaza, a four-star tourist hotel authorized to open to foreign guests, is favorably situated at No. 2 Nanchang Road, a busy street in a ...

  • Christian's Hotel Luoyang
    Christian's Hotel Luoyang

    Christian's Hotel is located at the center of the prosperous business circle, has easy access to the railway station and airport. This Luoyang hotel ...

  • Lee Royal Hotel Mudu Luoyang
    Lee Royal Hotel Mudu Luoyang

    The hotel features a modern architectural style. The water system and subtropical European style garden are one of the landmarks in Luonan New Area. ...

Luoyang Attractions More

  • Longmen Grottoes
    Longmen Grottoes

    A world heritage site named in 2000, the sculptures of the Longmen Grottoes are an outstanding manifestation of human artistic creativity. The Longm ...

  • White Horse Temple
    White Horse Temple

    12km east of Luoyang, founded in the year of 68 AD, the White Horse Temple was the first Buddhist temple constructed on Chinese soil.Legend says tha ...

  • Luoyang Museum of Ancient Tombs
    Luoyang Museum of Ancient Tombs

    The museum is located on top of Mangshan Hill to the north of Luoyang City. Opened to tourists in 1987, it has 25 typically restored ancient tombs r ...

  • Shaolin Temple
    Shaolin Temple

    Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng County, Henan Province, is known in and outside of China for Shaolin Wushu (martial arts). The temple was built in 495, t ...

  • Luoyang Old Town
    Luoyang Old Town

    Covering an area of 56.7 square kilometers, Luoyang Old Town is located in the northeast of Luoyang. Just as the hutong area may be the right place ...

  • Guanlin Temple
    Guanlin Temple

    Guanlin Temple, also called General Guan's Tomb, was built in 1596 during the reign of Emperor Wanli in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and was expande ...

  • King City Park (Wangcheng)
    King City Park (Wangcheng)

    Covering an area of 67 hectares, Wangcheng Park is the largest comprehensive park in Luoyang city as well as in Henan Province. It is located on the ...

  • Luoyang Museum
    Luoyang Museum

    Luoyang Museum is a local historical museum in Luoyang, Henan Province of China. Located in the Luoyang downtown area,it offers exhibits of the ric ...

Luoyang | Food & Restaurants More

Owing to its history of serving as the capital of a number of dynasties, food in Luoyang is quite unique, typically featured the Yu Cuisine which attaches great importance to soup preparing. Water BanquetLuoyang Water Banquet (Luoyang Shuixi, or flowing banquet), also called soup banquet, is not simply a drinking test, but one of the most traditional Chinese cuisines. The history of this local custom can be traced back over a thousand years. Luoyang is a city surrounded by mountains, and the weather here is cold and dry. In ancient time, people hardly ... More

Luoyang | Weather & Climate More

Luoyang has a very typical weather of central China, a warm temperate continental climate with monsoons, which is characterized by distinct seasons. Spring is cold and dry. Most of the rainfall comes during the rainy season in summer time. Autumn has the most comfortable weather conditions and is the best time to visit. Winter is cold and snows commonly.Average Data Jan Feb Mar Apr May June A ... More

Luoyang Photos More

Luoyang travel photos offer a visual enjoyment of Luoyang attractions, Luoyang tours, Luoyang Guilin tour, Luoyang shopping, food, entertainment, transportation, hotels...

Luoyang Travel Tips More

Luoyang Best Travel TimeLuoyang, located at the northern part of China, enjoys north temperate continental climate zone with clearly four seasons. Spring is dry and windy, and the occasionally little sandstorms but in April, there’s a great festival - Peony Festival held with thousands of beautiful peony on display. Summer in Luoyang is hot and rainy and autumn (from October) is the most recommended season to visit Luoyang with pleasant climate.Luoyang Safety TipsLuoyang is a safe place to visit while keeps an eye on your bags or belongings since pick ... More

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