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Direct-administrated by Chinese central government, this super port metropolis is only 0.5 hour's high speed train from capital city Beijing.  Tianjin is famous for its profound historical and cultural heritages…There are many traditional elements of Chinese culture could be found on its ancient cultural street, including the famed Yangliuqing New Year Paintings.

Recommended sites in Tianjin: Panshan Mountain, Dule Temple, Huangyaguan Great Wall, ancient cultures streets and so on
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This 1-day Tianjin trip would take you on a journey of "ancient culture", and know more about traditional folk arts of Tianjin – kites and New Year pictures.

Duration: 1 day

Destinations: Tianjin

Starting Point: Tianjin

Ending Point: Tianjin

This 3-day trip presents all highlights in and around Tianjin city - explore historical sites at Huangyaguan Great Wall, and appreciate traditional folk arts at Shi Family Compound…

Duration: 3 days & 2 nights

Destinations: Tianjin

Starting Point: Tianjin

Ending Point: Tianjin

Tianjin Attractions More

  • Huangyaguan Great Wall
    Huangyaguan Great Wall

    Located in the mountains 30 km north of Jixian County, Huangyaguan Great Wall is 42 km long and belongs to a part of old Great Wall. To the east, it ...

  • Panshan Mountain
    Panshan Mountain

    Located 120 kilometers away from Tianjin and 90 kilometers away from Beijing, Panshan Scenic Area is in the 12 km northwest of Jixian County, coveri ...

  • Dule Temple
    Dule Temple

    Located inside the western gate of Jixian County of Tianjin Municipality, Dule Temple is also called Dafo Temple. First built in Tang Dynasty, it is ...

  • Ancient Culture Street
    Ancient Culture Street

    Ancient Culture Street is lying in Nankai District at the west bank of Hai River, covering 22,000 m2 and being 580 m long. It was built in 1986 and ...

  • Dagu Fort
    Dagu Fort

    Located in the southern bank of Hai River in Tanggu area, 60km southeast of Tianjin city, the Dagu Fort (also known as Taku Forts) was built in 1816 ...

  • Dabei Monastery
    Dabei Monastery

    Situated on the northeast side of Tianwei Road Hebei District, Dabei Buddhist Monastery is one of the largest and well preserved temples in Tianjin. ...

  • Five Great Avenues
    Five Great Avenues

    Renowned as “World Building Exposition”, Five Great Avenue in Tianjin is the most attractive humanities tourism destination which fully shows the ...

  • Tianjin TV & Radio Tower
    Tianjin TV & Radio Tower

    Built in 1991 at a cost of $45 million, the 415-meters Tianjin TV & Radio Tower is a member (10th tallest) of the World Federation of Great Towe ...

Tianjin | Food & Restaurants More

Tianjin culinary culture is well known throughout China, and not only the traditional Tianjin snacks, but the cuisines from other parts of China can also be found. Legend has it that Emperor Qianlong, the fourth emperor of Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) who ruled from Beijing, so admired Tianjin food that he even once awarded his yellow jacket, a symbol of honor, to his chef and appointed him a fifth class official. In Tianjin, you can see an endless array of flavors streets and restaurants, offering delicacies that captivate your senses.Where to eat:Nanshi ... More

Tianjin | Weather & Climate More

The weather in spring and autumn are mild, and it is better seasons to visit Tianjin. The anural average temperature is 13 ℃, July being the hottest with 26 ℃ and January being the coldest with -4 ℃. Average Data Jan Feb Mar Apr May June Average High (°F) 32/36 38/41 50/54 66/70 78/82 85/89 ... More

Tianjin Travel Tips More

Best travel time TianjinTianjin has semi-moist continental monsoon climate with four clearly defined seasons. The hottest month comes at July, with temperature above 26 C (79 F) and the coldest month is January, with temperature below -4 C (24.8 F). The end of spring and beginning of fall are the best time to travel around Tianjin, with moderate and comfortable climate. Tianjin Safety TipsTianjin is a rather safe city like the other cities of China, just watch out your belongings at public transportation or scenic sports since pick-pocketing has been r ... More

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