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Direct-administrated by Chinese central government, this super port metropolis is only 0.5 hour's high speed train from capital city Beijing. Tianjin is famous for its profound historical and cultural heritages. The concessions of various countries survived and became a European ancient group with considerable scale, carrying the memories of Tianjin people.

Historical and cultural attractions consist of the main highlights of Tianjin. Having a hiking adventure from Huangyaguan Great Wall to East Qing Tomb, see the unparalleled charm of wild Great Wall; visit “universal buildings museum” by wandering in the Five Great Avenue clustered of downtown; there are many traditional elements of Chinese culture that could be found on the Ancient Cultural Street; look for famed Yangliuqing New Year Paintings in Yangliuqing Ancient Town; go to Dabei Monastery and Dule Temple to get an impression of Buddhism… >> Read more about Tianjin history, facts, getting around, etc.

Take a China trip in Tianjin to witness great changes in China! Seek for famous Tianjin snacks which can bring you real local life. We will design you a wonderful Tianjin tour with every highlight and quality service. Immerse yourself in the blend of ancient and modern, east and west, and you can see the past in this city and predict the future!

Suggested Private Tianjin Tour Packages

Whatever you have a business trip in this port city, or visit Tianjin after Beijing, it's bound to go beyond your imagination! Both ancient classic Chinese essence and culture and modern developments will come into your eyes. Witnessing the change of times by call at famous companies is available in a private tour!

  • 1 Days
    One Day Tianjin Highlights Tour

    As an ancient city, Tianjing became a center of commerce and prosperity by the 17th century. This 1-day Tianjin trip would take

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  • 3 Days
    Tianjin Highlights Tour

    This 3-day trip presents all highlights in and around Tianjin city - explore historical sites at Huangyaguan Great Wall, and ap

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  • 5 Days
    Pre- & Post-Cruise Tour to Tianjin & Beijing

    Beijing is the most popular tourist city of China. When taking cruise from Tianjin or finish your cruise trip in Tianjian, it i

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Recommended China Tour Packages including Tianjin

Near Beijing, Tianjin is a nice place to enrich your China tour! Having a historic journey, from Beijing down to Pingyao and Luoyang; to explore the beauty of the west by go to Chengdu, Lijiang and Lhasa; take bullet train to Suzhou, Shanghai and Hangzhou to find the charm of east China…

  • Take the high speed trains to view the most popular destinations in East China in 11 days, from the thriving mega city Shanghai

  • In this tour, you are taken to historic China, covering the most time-honored destinations: Tianjin, Bejing, Piangyao old town

  • Take this 11-day tour to explore China’s wild west full of charm of exoticism. It starts from Tianjin, and then head to Cheng

Top Experiences & Attractions in Tianjin

  • Unlike other famous sections of the Great Wall in Beijing, Huangyaguan Great Wall lies in Tianjin, on the high mountains 28 kilometers north of Jizh...
  • Ancient Culture Street is lying in Nankai District at the west bank of Hai River, covering 22,000 m2 and being 580 m long. It was built in 1986 and open to tourists at the same tim...
  • The Dabei Monastery is also famous for the exquisite vegetarian meals it is the only one provides vegetarian food in Tianjin. Longevity Perch present basket, soybean vegetarian, mu...
  • Now the compound has been transformed into Yangliuqing Folk Customs Museum, displaying folk art folk customs of Tianjin, including Yangliuqing New Year paintings and brick carvings...
  • Located in the southern bank of Hai River in Tanggu area, 60km southeast of Tianjin city, the Dagu Fort (also known as Taku Forts) was built in 1816 to protect the Qing's capital -...
  • Located inside the western gate of Jixian County of Tianjin Municipality, Dule Temple is also called Dafo Temple. First built in Tang Dynasty, it is one of the oldest and best-pres...

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