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Shangri-La is one of the most mysterious and inspiring travel destinations in China, and Located in the heart of UNESCO-listed the Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas. You’ll be enchanted by its profound Tibetan culture, breath-taking scenery, and the long-gone lifestyle the locals keep.

An untouched and sacred region in Northwest Yunnan afar, Shangri-La has always captured the imagination. In Tibetan Shangri-La means the “sun and moon in heart” -- an ideal home only found in heaven. Shangri-La also inspired British author James Hilton to created his novel Lost Horizon in 1933. The novel then unveiled the world intrepid travelers a place of mystical and harmonious beauty, showcased in the timeless Songzanlin Monastery, the lofty and continuous snow mountains, mighty ancient glaciers, endless grassland, steep and high gorges, crystal-like lakes, and the unknown and unexplored pastoral villages.

The average altitude of Zhongdian (another name of Shangri-La) is over 3,000 meters which means it is a bit difficult to reach. But Shangri-la really worth a visit. When you travel in Lijiang, travel a bit further, coming to Shangri-La. For a family adventure, Shangri-La offers child-friendly excursions to Pudacuo National Park, Lapahai Lake with horse riding. It is also a mecca for hiking and adventure lovers, given the exciting hiking trails of Tiger Leaping Gorge, and the off-the-beaten-track paths leading to Meili Snow Mountain and Yubeng Village. Couple hunting for a luxury adventure? Just take a direct flight in, the tranquil luxury mountain-view hotel and villa offers ultimate relaxation.

Best Private Shangri-La Tour Packages

Travel with our local Tibetan guides who really know Shangri-La, and give you the unique insight into the place, the people, the food, the culture and the wilderness. We have all tailor-made Shangri-La tours that meet your needs and travel style, and assist you in finding our own way to explore the dreamy “Lost Horizon”.

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    Shangri-la Adventure Tour for Family

    Shangri-la, a mystical, harmonious paradise described by British author James Hilton has been dreamed for by world travellers s

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Popular China & Yunnan Tour Packages with Shangri-La

We’ve traveled the length and breadth of Yunnan from Kunming to Dali, Lijiang, and Shangri-La, and other popular or less-visited towns and villages, to test both the popular routes and off the beaten paths, so as to curate Yunnan tour itineraries that work for different types of our clients. With our Yunnan and Shangri-La trips, take in Yunnan highlights, discover the hidden natural and culture gems, and enjoy unique experiences -- all hotels are handpicked.

Top Experiences & Attractions in Shangri-La

  • Meili Snow Mountain is located in the east of Chayu County in Tibet and the west of Yunling County in Deqin County in Yunnan Province. It is a huge snow mountain group with a total...
  • Yubeng Village is a magical and beautiful place, a real untouched paradise for people living in the city, especially the hikers seeking for adventure, and known as the epitome of S...
  • Dukezong Old Town, a 1300-year old Tibetan town located in Shangri-la. It is the best preserved and largest Tibetan dwelling houses in China, and also the hub of the Ancient Tea Ho...
  • Napa Hai Nature Reserve is located in Shangri-la County, it is about 8 kilometers northwest of Shangri-la town. Napa Hai Nature Reserve was established in 1984, with a total area o...
  • Baishuitai (White Water Terraces) is located at the foot of Haba Snow Mountain, 101 kilometers away from the county seat, with an altitude of 2,380 meters. It is the birthplace of ...
  • Nixi means the place where the sun rises in Tibetan, it is a Tibetan village in Shangri-la county, and it is also the only way of the old tea horse road. Nixi has a long history of...

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