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Pingyao Ancient City is an outstanding example of city for Chinese Han nationality during the period from Ming to Qing Dynasty (1368-1911). The city has maintained all its features and showing an unusual complete picture for changes and developments of society, culture, economy and religion." from the report of UNESCO.

Pingyao is regarded as the birthplace of modern banking system of China. Chinese banks were originally called "Piao Hao". Richangsheng is the first "Piao Hao" offering financial services in town, and China. Therefore, it became the ancestor of all Chinese Banks.
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Pingyao offers tourists a rare opportunity into a real old-time world. Wander about the ancient Ming-Qing Street, and make an exploration of exchange shops, guest houses, or souvenir shops galore…

In this 3-day Pingyao tour, you'll explore  a real old China city in action. Pingyao, with 4,000 Ming - and Qing-dynasty residence, is the best-preserved ancient walled city in the whole China.

Pingyao Attractions More

  • Pingyao Old City Wall
    Pingyao Old City Wall

    First established in the reign of King Xuan (827 - 782 B.C.) of the Western Zhou Dynasty, Pingyao has a history of more than 2700 years. It is a typ ...

  • Rishengchang Exchange Shop
    Rishengchang Exchange Shop

    Richangshen Exchange Shop (Piaohao) was established in 1823 of Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), it is the first private financial organization of China maj ...

  • Wang Family Compound (courtyard house)
    Wang Family Compound (courtyard house)

    Situated at Jingsheng Town of Lingshi County, some 150 kilometers (93.2 miles) south of Taiyuan (35 km to Pingyao), Wang Family Compound is a master ...

  • Qiao Family Compound
    Qiao Family Compound

    The Qiao Family Courtyard is another masterpiece of traditional civil architecture in North China. It lies at Qiaojiapu Village, 54 km south of Taiy ...

  • County Government office (Yamen)
    County Government office (Yamen)

    County Government office, also named Yamen in Chinese, is an ideal place for a culture discovery to check out what an ancient Chinese local governme ...

  • Temple of City God
    Temple of City God

    Covering a total area of 7,302 square meters, Pingyao City God Temple is located in the southeast of Pingyao with long history and unique art form. ...

  • Ming-Qing Street
    Ming-Qing Street

    Reputed as the “Wall Street of China”, Ming-Qing Street used to be the most prosperous part of the county and the financial center of China. Locat ...

  • Qu Family Compound
    Qu Family Compound

    Being built during the reign of Qianlong during the Qing Dynasty, the Qu Family Compound has history dating back over 300 years and covers an area o ...

Pingyao | Food & Restaurants More

Located at the heart of Shanxi, wheaten food is the staple food of the local people. Different types of wheat flour food are available here like Soy-sauce noodle, noodle with soybean paste. Besides, trying a bowl of millet gruel might be a good choice after the oily meals in big cities.Once was highly praised by Dowager Cix of Qing Dynasty, Pingyao beef is the most famous specialty of this region. Started from Han Dynasty (206 BC-220AD), it has been very well known in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The Jiaqing Emperor of Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) granted it ... More

Pingyao | Weather & Climate More

Pingyao has a continental climate with cold winter and hot summer. In winter, the wind coming from the north is usually strong and dusty. The temperature varies greatly between day and night.The annual average temperature is around 10.2 degree Celsius with the precipitation of 540 millimeters, mainly in the summer time (July and August). The coldest month is January, the average temperature is about -12.4 degree Celsius, and 25.7 degree Celsius ... More

Pingyao Travel Tips More

Pingyao, built 2,000 years ago, is a best-preserved ancient walled city in the whole of the country. It boasts a rich collection of government offices, residences and temples. Without colorful nightlife, people live a quite original life style. Hence, Pingyao offers tourists a rare opportunity to witness old China in action. Here is a list of travel tips for your Pingyao Tour.Best Time to PingyaoPingyao is good for traveling all the year rounds, but the best time to visit Pingyao is autumn and winter. In autumn, make a trip to Pingyao not only for its ... More

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The Silk Road is like a thick history book to me, so enchanting with full of contents. The best season to visit is in July, August and September.


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