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It is a delight experience to explore enchanting Hangzhou - "paradise under the heaven"; just like stepping into a traditional Chinese watercolor painting. The willow-lined West Lake, the ancient pagodas and temples, cloud-shrouded hills inspired many poets and painter; all come with unique legends and stories.

Pick the famous Dragon Well Tea at the plantation and taste a cup of green tea as well as rural & natural landscape…Take a trip to Hangzhou with Easy Tour China and discover the unparalleled beauty of local culture as well.
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This 2-day private Hangzhou tour package provides great opportunity to explore the charming scenery around the renowned West Lake, the tea plantation farm of West Lake Dragon Well Tea, and famous historical sites..

Combining the best views in Hangzhou, this tour offers another highlight in Wuzhen water town, which is resemble to a traditional Chinese wash painting, showcasing the traditional culture, local life style, unique boats and buildings.

Duration: 3 days & 2 nights

Destinations: Hangzhou / Wuzhen

Starting Point: Hangzhou

Ending Point: Hangzhou

Hangzhou Attractions More

  • West Lake
    West Lake

    West Lake is large freshwater lake, bordered on three sides by hills. Its banks and islands are blanketed with small gardens and temples. It made Ha ...

  • Lingyin Temple
    Lingyin Temple

    As the largest and most resplendent temple in Hangzhou, Lingying Temple is one of the most prestigious Buddhist monasteries in China. The name of Li ...

  • Mausoleum of General Yue Fei
    Mausoleum of General Yue Fei

    It is one of Hangzhou's big draws. The twelfth-century Song general, Yuefei is considered a hero in modern China thanks to his unquestioning patriot ...

  • Six Harmony Pagoda
    Six Harmony Pagoda

    Built in the year of 970 A.D., Liuhe Pagoda stands majestically on the Yuelun Mountain overlooking the Qiantang River. A 60m, impressive octagonal s ...

  • Grand Cannal
    Grand Cannal

    China's only waterway running from north to south is 1,794-km-long Beijing / Hangzhou Canal. It is 10 times the length of Suez Canal (172.5 km in le ...

  • Longjing Tea Plantation Village
    Longjing Tea Plantation Village

    When people think of Chinese green tea, they think the premium grade green tea produced in Longjing. Southwest of West Lake in Hangzhou, Longjing (D ...

  • China National Silk Museum
    China National Silk Museum

    Located at the foot of Yuhuang Hill, by the beautiful side of the West Lake, China National Silk Museum was opened in Feb.1992 with a total area of ...

  • National Tea Museum
    National Tea Museum

    Glowing rays shone over rounding ranges of hills, fragrance of tea leaves permeated, and fresh springs wound through valleys. Here is China National ...

Hangzhou | Food & Restaurants More

Hangzhou is crowned as "the Heaven on the Earth" from a very ancient time; the cuisine is characterized by its elaborate preparation and varying techniques of cooking, such as sautéing, stewing, and stir- and deep-frying. Hangzhou food tastes fresh and crisp, varying with the change of season.Here below are some renowned specialties of Hangzhou: Dong Po Rou (Dongpo Pork):It is a type of stewed pork named after its creator, the 11th century master poet Su Dong-po (also known as Su Shi) who referred to himself as "the old gourmand". Chunks of fatty por ... More

Hangzhou | Weather & Climate More

Hangzhou enjoys a moderate climate with four distinctive seasons. The average annual temperature in Hangzhou is 16.2 degrees Celsius. The summers are hot and humid, while winters are relatively cool and dry. In July, the hottest month, the average temperature is approximately 33.8 degrees Celsius; in January the average temperature is about 3.6 degree Celsius. Hangzhou receives an average annual rainfall of 1450 mm. In mid-summer, Hangzhou, lik ... More

Hangzhou Travel Tips More

Best Travel Time HangzhouHangzhou enjoys subtropical monsoon climate with clearly defined four seasons. June and September is the rainiest season with occasionally typhoons in august or September. Summer is really hot in Hangzhou and winter cold and snowy without heating systems. Spring is the best time to visit Hangzhou. Hangzhou Safety TipsHangzhou is a great and safe tourist city just watch your valuable belongs in the central city since pick-pocketing is a common occurrence in tourist locations; also be careful about the begging people in the city ... More

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