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With More than 2200 years history, Hangzhou was the capital of Wu Dynasty and the Southern Song Dynasty; one of the eight great capitals in China. Regarded as one of most beautiful place in China, Hangzhou owns the reputation as "paradise under the heaven"; it’s well known for West Lake and home to many Buddhist Pagodas and temples, together with other historical sites and natural landscape.

It is a delight experience to explore enchanting Hangzhou, just like stepping into a traditional Chinese watercolor painting. The willow-lined West Lake, the ancient Six Harmony Pagoda and Lingyin Temple, cloud-shrouded hills inspired many poets and painter; all come with unique legends and stories. Pick the fresh tea at Longjing Tea Plantation Village and taste a cup of green tea as well as rural & natural landscape; look at delicate silk and garments from different dynasties; walk along the Grand Canal to learn how it was built in Sui Dynasty… >> Read more about Hangzhou history, facts, getting around, etc.

Take a trip to Hangzhou with Easy Tour China and discover the unparalleled beauty of local culture as well. Let us know your preference, we will provide you humanistic or leisure tours, arrange you economic or luxury holidays with different ways of experience. Wish you all a pleasant stay in Hangzhou.

Suggested Private Hangzhou Tour Packages

Hangzhou is a city with both cultural content and beautiful scenery, fitting to different types of tours. Family with kids can visit Plantation Village to enjoy the fun of picking tea; senior visitors can pray for health in Lingyin Temple…whatever you likehttps://www.easytourchina.com/Admin/Guide/index, you can find a way to discover Hangzhou.

  • 2 Days
    Hangzhou Culture Tour

    This 2-day private Hangzhou tour package provides great opportunity to explore the charming scenery around the city and Hangzho

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  • 3 Days
    Essential Hangzhou with Wuzhen & Grand Canal Heritage Tour

    Combining the best views and historical sites in Hangzhou, this 3-day Hangzhou tour package takes you visit the West Lake of bo

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  • 3 Days
    Hangzhou Weekend Getaway with Nanxun

    Looking for a weekend getaway to Hangzhou? Let the sights, sounds and tastes of Hangzhou lead you on a relaxing holiday. Explor

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  • 3 Days
    Hangzhou Family Tour with Cashless Payment Experiences

    On ETC’s exclusive Hangzhou family tour, this beautiful city will enchant you not only with its classical beauty and rich cul

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  • 3 Days
    Hangzhou Walking Tour
    Seeking a walking tour in Hangzhou? Here we provide Hangzhou’s best walking and hiking trails. With local expert guides and a se
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  • 2 Days
    Hangzhou Food Tour
    Hangzhou cuisine with its sweet fragrance and subtle flavor influences the whole China cuisine. Come with us on a foodie tour of H
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  • 1 Days
    One-Day Picturesque Hangzhou Group Tour

    Explore Hangzhou with like-minded travelers on a non-shopping group tour. Our English-speaking local guide deliver fine service

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  • 5 Days
    Leisure Luxury Tour in Hangzhou
    When travel with ETC on 5-day luxury Hangzhou tour, you enjoy insider access to this “heaven on earth” – and to the people,
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  • 4 Days
    Essential Shanghai tour with Hangzhou
    Have a 4-day Shanghai and Hangzhou trip to discover the classical and modern beauty of China. This essence tour will show you the
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Recommended China Tour Packages including Hangzhou

Visiting Hangzhou with other cities will enrich your China tour. You can have a view of classical water town in south of China by visiting Shanghai and Suzhou; you can also go down to the south, to see Guilin or Hong Kong…

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Top Experiences & Attractions in Hangzhou

  • West Lake is large freshwater lake, bordered on three sides by hills. Its banks and islands are blanketed with small gardens and temples. It made Hangzhou City a very beautiful pla...
  • As the largest and most resplendent temple in Hangzhou, Lingying Temple is one of the most prestigious Buddhist monasteries in China. The name of Lingyin Temple or Soul's Retreat T...
  • Built in the year of 970 A.D., Liuhe Pagoda stands majestically on the Yuelun Mountain overlooking the Qiantang River. A 60m, impressive octagonal structure of wood and brick, hung...
  • Wuzhen Water Town, also called “Oriental Venice”, has become a disseminator of traditional culture and an emissary of the communication between China and foreign countries beca...
  • When people think of Chinese green tea, they think the premium grade green tea produced in Longjing. Southwest of West Lake in Hangzhou, Longjing (Dragon Well) Village hides itself...
  • The Qinghefang Ancient Street now exudes an atmosphere of its past and is boastful of its street-culture, entertainment, commerce and the tours that are the attention of its citize...

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