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Guiyang, the capital of the ethnic-cultural rich Guizhou province, lies in the mountainous area of low altitude, with a pleasant climate throughout the year. As a typical region of karst topography, Guiyang is characterized by amazing mountains, beautiful waterways and magical cave.

Interesting minority culture and customs of Buyi, Miao, Hui, Dong, Yi, Zhuang, Yao makes a Guyang trip always a memorable one. Experience yourself the various traditional ethnic festivals such as Miao Sister Meal Festival, Eating New Festival, Lunar March 3 Festival, Miao New Year, etc. Cheer up by the fun activities and be enchanted local people’s fabulous music, dance, handicarfts and colorful costumes. The unique food culture of Guizhou is also a should-not-missed experience, which combines local food materials, delicious eats and unique etiquette. >> Read more about Guiyang facts, shopping, getting around, etc.

Easy Tour China delivers life-time memories on your tailor-made Guizhou Guiyang tours. With your private local guide and driver, explore highlight attractions of Guiyang, such as Jiaxiu Tower, Huaxi Park, nearby Huangguoshu waterfall, meet real people, taste authentic local food, travel further to Kaili, Zhaoxing, Leishan, Ronagjing, etc. getting deep into the beautiful land where dozens of mountain tribe live.

Suggested Private Shanghai Tour Packages

Our Guiyang tours can be customized for international travelers and adventurers to explore the real Guiyang and Guizhou. You will visit scenic areas, villages, architecture, traditional dwelling, be engaged meaningfully and actively with local people, especially the tribal people.

  • 2 Days
    Private Guiyang City Tour

    Take the 2-day sightseeing tour to get a fascinating glimpse into Guiyang, for the picturesque scenery of Qianling Park, histor

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  • 3 Days
    Guiyang Tour Package with Huangguoshu Waterfall

    The well-designed 3-day Guizhou tour features natural and historical highlights in and around Guiyang city; from the spectacula

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  • 4 Days
    Guiyang Tour with Kaili Miao Villages

    Just escape the concrete world and madding crowds. The 4-day escorted Guiyang tour would take you to experience the unique life

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Recommended China Tour Packages including Guiyang

Chosen by active travelers and those culture enthusiasts, our China tours and adventures bring remote minority destinations such as Guiyang, kaili, Zhaoxing, Sanjinag, Lijiang, Shangri-La… to life through experiential travel, real life experience and local interactions. There're also unique festival tours in Guizhou.

Top Experiences & Attractions in Guiyang

  • As one of the state-level scenic spots, Hongfeng Lake, where there are varied small islands, is popular among the people at home and abroad. Its water area covers 57.2 kilometers a...
  • The tower rises 20 meters (66 feet) high with upturned eaves, which supported with 12 stone columns. Decorated with green tiles, red pillars, engraved windows and white stone parap...
  • Huangguoshu waterfall is one of the biggest waterfalls in China and one of famous waterfalls in the world. It is 74 meters in height and 81 meters in width, forming majestic vigor ...
  • Situates at No.47 Beijing Road in Guiyang City, Guizhou Provincial Museum is a provincial-level comprehensive museum featured various aspects of the province’s minorities.  ...
  • Huaxi, also called the Flowery River, is the core of the entire scenic area, winding elegantly across the park while the four hills, Lin (Kylin, an animal in Chinese legend), Feng ...
  • Now Caohai National Reserve has become an internationally important winter home for more than seventy thousand migrating water birds, including approximately four hundred endangere...

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