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Lying between Erhai Lake and Cangshan Mountain range in Yunnan, the remote charming town of Dali served as the capital of Nanzhao and Dali Kingdoms from 8th to 13th century and still retains a historical atmosphere. It was also a very important gateway on ancient Tea-horse Road for promoting cultural and trade relations between China and Southeast Asian countries.

For generations, Dali has been home to Bai people who have their traditional courtyards meticulously built with natural running water and bonsai (potted landscape) on display. Nevertheless, you can also see Yi, Miao, Lisu, Naxi, Bulang, Buyi and other ethnic minority people in Dali. Apart from Dali Ancient City, there are more mystical old towns and villages to unwind and explore, including Shaxi, Xizhou, Weishan, Nuodeng, Zhoucheng, etc. Furthermore, Dali is a nice stopover for travelers to head for Lijiang and ShangriLa, and a must-visit place for your Yunnan tour. >> Read more about Dali history, getting around, etc.

Discover the mysterious Buddhist traditions, fascinating architecture, intact old towns, remote villages and natural wonders on your ETC customized, guided tour of Dali. With your knowledgeable local guide, cruise Erhai Lake, admire Three Pagodas, descend Mount Cangshan, witness the life and traditions of Bai people, be invited to local family to learn Bai's batik, cook and taste three-course tea…

Suggested Private Dali Tour Packages

Travel to Dali for its highlights, hidden treasures and active programs. Here we list the classic Dali itineraries to give you some inspirations. But you are encouraged to contact us to craft your own adventure in Dali and the nearby destinations.

  • 3 Days
    Dali Tour to Weishan Old Town

    Looking for an authentic experience in Dali Yunnan? Check this 3-day Dali tour and extend your trip to Weishan Ancient Town to

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  • 3 Days
    Relaxing Dali Tour with Extension to Shaxi Ancient Town

    Take the 3-day Dali trip with Er’hai Lake and Cangshan Mountain to make an unforgettable experience via three transportation

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  • 3 Days
    Dali Old Town Tour with Xizhou & Zhoucheng
    Dali is rich in culture and history and an ideal destination for those who delight in foods, sunshine and natural scenery. On this
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  • 4 Days
    Dali Adventure Tour: Hiking & Biking
    Escape from the city chaos and embark on a Dali adventure of 4 days tour to touch this enchanting ancient city and its tranquil br
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Recommended China Tour Packages including Dali

Journey through China’s most popular destinations such as Beijing, Shanghai and Xian and the less-visited magical world of Yunnan including Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-La, to see a different side of China and be chanted by the plateau landscape, ethnic culture and adventure charms.

Top Experiences & Attractions in Dali

  • With an altitude of 1972 meters above sea level, Erhai Lake is a beautiful highland lake of Yunnan Province and one of the seven largest fresh water lakes in China. As it shapes li...
  • Located between Erhai Lake and Cangshan Mountain, Dali old town is 13 km away from Xiaguan, the new urban area. Right here tourists can find the relaxing atmosphere and laid-back p...
  • Consisting of 19 peaks and 18 streams in total, the Cangshan Mountain is located about 2 km to the west of the Dali city. The Horse and Dragon Peak (Malong Peak), the highest one, ...
  • A couple of kilometers northwest of Dali old town, the Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple are the oldest standing structures in Yunnan, which has become the emblem of Dali. With Ca...
  • Another attraction of Shaxi Town is the Stone Treasure Mountain with numerous temples and grottoes on it. It was designated as one of the first officially protected sites by China ...
  • 18 km north of Dali old town (34 km to Xiaguan), Xizhou is the typical town with Bai's characters. More than 1500 years ago, Xizhou and nearby area has been the major habitat for t...

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