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Lying between Erhai Lake and Cangshan Mountain range, the charming small town of Dali still retains a historical atmosphere, which served as the capital of Nanzhao and Dali Kingdoms from 8th to 13th century. It was also a very important gateway for promoting cultural and trade relations between China and Southeast Asian countries.

Dali is home to Bai people. Most Bai people’s houses have courtyards with natural running water and bonsai (potted landscape) on display. Dali is a nice stopover for tourists to head for Lijiang. Major attractions include Mount Cangshan (cable car), Erhai Lake, ancient architectures and colorful cultural heritage of Bai people like the Three Pagodas, Bai's batik
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A 2-day sightseeing tour in and around Dali to view historic Three Pagodas, Charming Dali Old Town, the enchanting scenery of the Erhai Lake, and unique Bai-style houses in Xizhou town.
Take the 3-day Dali trip to make an unforgettable experience via three transportation ways - take a cable car above the imposing Cangshan Mountain, make a cruise on the tranquil Erhai Lake, and walk ...

Dali Hotels More

  • Regent Hotel Dali
    Regent Hotel Dali

    Regent Hotel Dali (Dali Fenghua Xueyue Dajiudian) is a luxurious 5 star hotel opened in 2005, featuring at Bai Minority architecture style. In the c ...

  • Asia Star Hotel
    Asia Star Hotel

    The Asia Star Hotel has a cultural atmosphere which is reflected in nearby special arts and crafts shops. Such shops feature traditional Dali handic ...

  • Dali Old City Landscape Hotel
    Dali Old City Landscape Hotel

    The hotel is located in Dali Old City, with famous Erhai Lake on the east and Cangshan Mountain on the west. It is the only courtyar style in Old C ...

Dali Attractions More

  • Erhai Lake
    Erhai Lake

    With an altitude of 1972 meters above sea level, Erhai Lake is a beautiful highland lake of Yunnan Province and one of the seven largest fresh water ...

  • Cangshan Mountain
    Cangshan Mountain

    Consisting of 19 peaks and 18 streams in total, the Cangshan Mountain is located about 2 km to the west of the Dali city. The Horse and Dragon Peak ...

  • Old Dali Town
    Old Dali Town

    Located between Erhai Lake and Cangshan Mountain, Dali old town is 13 km away from Xiaguan, the new urban area. Right here tourists can find the rel ...

  • Three Pagodas
    Three Pagodas

    A couple of kilometers northwest of Dali old town, the Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple are the oldest standing structures in Yunnan, which has be ...

  • Xizhou Town
    Xizhou Town

    18 km north of Dali old town (34 km to Xiaguan), Xizhou is the typical town with Bai's characters. More than 1500 years ago, Xizhou and nearby area ...

  • Zhoucheng

    Situated at the foot of Cangshan Mountain, Zhoucheng village lies in 30km north of Butterfly Spring, Dali. The Yunnan-Tibetan highway also stretches ...

  • Shaxi Town
    Shaxi Town

    Nestled deep in the Himalayan foothills of southwest China's Yunnan Province, Shaxi is a culturally diverse town to the Bai and Yi minority peoples. ...

Dali | Food & Restaurants More

In Dali old town, you will see many nice restaurants, which are mainly located at Huguo Road and Remin Road, serving both Chinese, Western food as well as local Bai's cuisine. Bai people enjoy spicy, sour and fresh dishes. For the new comers, even a little bit local spice may make your tongue burn. In history, Chinese Han culture and Buddhism had an important impact on the development of Bai cuisine.The most popular drink of Bai people is tea. The Three-course Tea is a very interesting tea ceremony, including the three courses of tea with different tas ... More

Dali | Weather & Climate More

Dali has a highland monsoonal climate. The temperatures vary very little in all year round, but it has distinct dry and rainy seasons: November - April for Dry season, and May - October for rainy season. Near the Erhai Lake it is usually windy.Average Data Jan Feb Mar Apr May June Average High (°F) 58/62 60/64 66/69 71/74 75/79 75/78 Average High (°C ... More

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Dali Travel Tips More

Dali was the political, economical and cultural center for 500 years dated back to the Tang and Song Dynasties. The picturesque scenery, varied traditions and the culture of minority nationalities make Dali a well-known place of interest. There are fascinating way for exploring Dali - walk around the town walls; go hiking or bike riding in Cangshan Mountain above Erhai Lake. There are some tips for your Dali tour to enjoy a worry-free and pleasant experience.Best time to Dali1. The best time to visit Dali is from March to June when spring is in full sw ... More

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