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Kaili is the capital of Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture in southeast of Guizhou province and about 190 kilometers from Guiyang. It is the gateway to the minority areas of southeast Guizhou and also is regarded as home to hundred festivals activities due to colorful folk culture and many folk holidays here, such as, Miao nian, Papo, Chixin, etc.

Here are numerous ancient towns and splendid cultural relics here. The southeast of Guizhou province is also characterized by the famed mountains and beautiful river.
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Take this 2-day tour to make a premier exploration into Kaili. Moreover, experience the ethnic customs in Xijiang Miao Village.
Kaili is the gateway to the minority areas of southeast Guizhou. The 3-day escorted trip would show you a rich mosaic of everyday life, colorful festivals and folk arts of Miao minority.

Kaili Hotels More

  • Kaili Grand Hotel
    Kaili Grand Hotel

    Offering a warm and welcoming, discreet service with style, Kaili Grand Hotel is one of the best 3-star hotels in Kaili, GuiZhou, a perfect place to ...

  • Guotai Hotel Kaili
    Guotai Hotel Kaili

    Kaili acts as a gateway to many small villages in Guizhou. Guo Tai Hotel Kaili in Kaili is situated in this beautiful place at the center of the cit ...

  • Crown Plaza Hotel Kaili
    Crown Plaza Hotel Kaili

    Situated in the new administrative dstrict of Kaili, Crown Plaza Hotel is a 4-star foreign-related business hotel with the combination of accommodat ...

  • Heaven-sent Dragon Hotel Kaili
    Heaven-sent Dragon Hotel Kaili

    Offering a warm and welcoming, discreet service with style, Grand Dragon Hotel is one of the best hotels in Kaili, GuiZhou, a perfect place to exper ...

Kaili Attractions More

  • Dage Park
    Dage Park

    Dage Park was built on the top of Long (Dragon) Mountain, and is the best spot to have a panoramic view of Kaili. There is a pavilion on the peak of ...

  • Qinglong Cave Ancient Complex
    Qinglong Cave Ancient Complex

    Located in east of Zhengyuan town (160 east of Kaili), Qinglong Cave Area is well-known for the ancient complex blended with the features of Confuci ...

  • Zhaoxing

    Zhaoxing is the home to Dongs (one of minorities in China) who are talented architects for wooden structures. These people are also good dancers and ...

  • Xijiang

    Located in southeast of Kaili, Xijiang is has the largest Miao community in China, where more than 1000 Miao families (population: >6000) are liv ...

  • Sunday Market
    Sunday Market

    Sunday Market in Kaili is held every five days, selling varieties of fresh food, vegetables, fruits, craftworks, jewelry, herbs, clothing, and music ...

  • Kaili Nationality Museum
    Kaili Nationality Museum

    Entitled "the Origin of Chinese Folk Arts", Kaili Nationality Museum is located in the Miao Nationality village at Shanglangde of Leishan County, at ...

  • Langde Miao Village
    Langde Miao Village

    Langde Miao Village is situated on the crystal Danjiang riverside and circled by green Leigong Mountain, 32km southeast of Kaili. It is one of the b ...

  • Datang Miao Village
    Datang Miao Village

    Datang Miao Village located about 15 kilometers from Leishan County Village in the mountainous southeastern part of Guizhou Province. It stands out ...

Kaili | Food & Restaurants More

Southeast of Guizhou is home to pickled food ('Suan' called by locals), which is very popular at the daily life of the locals. Almost every family prepares the pickled food all year round. In history, the area lack of salt supply, therefore, the local people use the pickles to make up for the flavor. Besides, the local pickles are said to enhance the appetite, help digestion and curb diarrhea. Tourists can enjoy the snack in Qingpin Road that is the famous snack and restaurant street. Sour soup fish (suan tang yu)The food has been more than thousand y ... More

Kaili | Weather & Climate More

Climate in Kaili is characterized by distinct four seasons and plentiful rainfall. It is quite cold in winter and not too hot in summer due to its high altitude. In spring and summer, it is the major rainy season. In autumn it turns a bit drier. While in winter, it is cold and usually hit by frost, especially at the mountainous area.There is the temperature record of Guiyang available only, which is 190 km west of Kaili.   Average Dat ... More

Kaili Travel Tips More

Kaili is a "City of Festival", and minority celebrations are lively events and often include singing, dancing, horse racing and buffalo fighting. There are some tips for your travel plan to Kaili. Best Time to KailiThe best time to visit Kali is from March to May, or from September to November. Of course, you can also plan your itinerary catering for local festivals:1. Miao New Year is celebrated on the first four days of the 10th lunar month;2. Lusheng Festival, held in either spring or autumn, depending on the village;3. Sharing the Sister’s Meal Fe ... More

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