Spring Plowing Festival of Zhuang People in Longsheng, Guilin

On May 8, the villagers of the ancient Zhuang Village held their traditional spring plowing festival in the beautiful Longsheng rice terraced fields.

At the village gate, the women sang songs and served their home-made wine with a bamboo cup to the guests during the festival.

With the mysterious worship music and dance, the village's priesthoods officiated, offered sacrifices and led the villagers in worship to god of fertility.

By the terraced fields, the Zhuang women were performing folk music and dance. 

The splendid rice terrace fields are located in the southeast of Longsheng County, Guilin, which built into the hillside. Some of the terraces look like great chains, while others look like ribbons. They wind from the feet to the tops of the hills. The smaller ones are like snails and the bigger ones like towers. In spring, it is the time for plowing for the local Zhuang ethnic group, the magnificent landscape and the interesting farming activity - plowing festival gives limitless inspiration to the photographers from all over the world.

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