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Chinese Culture

  • Chinese Cuisines

    Chinese cuisines originated from the various regions of China, and has become widespread in the world. With the great differences in the climate, geography, history and culture of different regions, Chinese cuisine culture is extensive and profound with unique...

  • Chinese Sex Museum

    Sex Museum - the only private museum of the kind in China:The curator of the museum -- Liu Da-lingThe museum was founded by Liu Dalin, one of the pioneering sexologists in modern China. He and his colleagues collected the expensive exhibits for many years. The...

  • China's Ancient Tea-horse Road

    Ancient Tea-horse Road historyTea drinking started in China more than 2000 years ago. Excavations from the Han Yang Tomb show the fine tea buds. By the 5th century, boiled tea was consumed widely in southern China. Also around this time, tea was traded for hor...

It is easy to see why Wulingyuan is proclaimed to be the setting for the movie Avatar. The spectacular sandstone peaks and the lush vegetation make it seem like a paradise on earth.


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