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China is huge and so are the climatic differences between the areas. She is a year-round destination; the months of May, September, and October are ideal months for travel anywhere in the country.

Planning a china travel, you’d better know the peak travelling season in this big country:
1.    National Holiday (Oct. 1- Oct. 7 each year)
2.    Spring Festival (Lunar Jan)
3.    Student holiday: winter holiday in Jan and Feb; summer holiday in July and Aug

Peak season are always the top period for travelers home and abroad; Easy Tour China suggests that you avoid these periods since it is some hard to get ticket of trains or planes; and the cost for accommodations are on high side as well as the crowds in every scenic spots. If you time range falls these category, please use a reliable tour operator, who can manage everything in nice pace during peak season.

The months of March and April are the lower priced shoulder-season; while the lowest price, off-season travel, is from November through the winter months. This is when adventuresome travelers are rewarded with quite low prices and far fewer fellow tourists.

Featured Destinations by Seasons: Southern China shows the best scenery in spring; while Yangtze River Cruise, Jiuzhaigou, Wuyishan are the top choices for travelling in hot summer days; autumn is the best to thoroughly visit China, from the vast western part Xinjiang, Tibet to the northern China; In winter season, view the icing world on Yellow mountain or just have a ski tours in Harbin and join the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival; want a beach holiday in winter? Go to Sanya!

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