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More and more foreigners choose to work, study and live in China because of the growing global influence and better career prospects of this country. For expat travelers, ETC team works out perfect travel solutions - the China expat tours – which are based on your higher expectations towards in-depth cultural and spiritual experiences, and let you explore the many faces of real China.

Compared with the tourists coming from abroad, the expatriates spontaneously have some first-hand knowledge of the life and people here as you are living in the country. Therefore, we understand you may possibly have more unique requirements while traveling in China.

Expat Travel Tips – How to Plan Your Trip in China

Tips for your 2024 trip in China

How Can We Make Your Expat Trip in China Enjoyable and Like No Other?

1. We listen carefully to figure out what you really expect for the coming trip. And use our professional destination knowledge to create travel experiences uniquely yours and uttermost flexible.

2. Our trips are totally customizable. This is crucial when planning a tour package for expats, so you can then decide where to go, what to do and how you like to travel.

3. The ETC advantages are the private expert guidance, 24/7 support and minimum 14-hour 1-1 WeChat/phone consultation service - making sure you have a worry-free trip and get the most out of every moment.

4. Our suggested China expat tours below offer many excellent options to explore. Look forward to new discoveries in China on an ETC journey, be it hot spot or hidden gem.

Top Destinations in China for the Expatriates:

Yellow Mountain: a UNESCO Heritage Site known for the stunning granite peaks and well-preserved Huizhou heritage, and a top destination for expat travelers in the Yangtze River Delta, China's most economically developed region.

Zhangjiajie: a scenic place full of vegetated sandstone pinnacles, which was said to inspire James Cameron created a Pandora world in his blockbuster “Avatar”

Yangshuo: a highly acclaimed destination in South China, good for hiking, cycling, caving, bamboo rafting, even doing nothing by the pool.

Harbin: definitely a perfect place for expats and their family to enjoy a winter holiday in China. Its International Ice and Snow Festival has become the largest one in the world.

Yunnan: nestled in the southwest extremity of China, the province has so much to see, the Stone Forest, Lijiang Old Town, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yuanyang Rice Terraces, etc.

Tibet: a mysterious and enchanting land worth a visit at least once in a lifetime. It is a perfect blend of highland sceneries, cultural heritage and traditional lifestyle.

Guizhou: hidden in the extensive karst landform, the province is almost unknown to the outside world. On the magical land, colorful ethnic minority cultures have long been fostered.

We can also tailor tours to destinations outside China for expat travelers, such as Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, etc. Contact us right now and create your trip!

Recommended China Expat Tours

Travel with Easy Tour China, we offer great options for expats in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Hong Kong, etc. We can take you nearly anywhere in China, whether you want to visit the cities or the untouched places. Explore our curated trip itineraries below - from weekend trips to short breaks and longer holiday getaways. They are meant to meet the needs and interests of different travelers and all can be customized.

Weekend Getaways for Expats

  • 3-day Yellow Mountain Weekend Break
    From the natural beauty of Yellow Mountain to the serene idyllic scenery of Hongcun Village, experience the charm of Huangshan.
  • 3-day Zhangjiajie Weekend Getaway
    Venture deep into the national parks of Zhangjiajie on this exciting 3-day trip. Explore Avatar Hallelujah Mountain, Tianzi Mountain…
  • 3-day Jiuzhaigou Weekend Getaway
    Travel through Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong National Park to discover incredible landscape of Rize Valley, Zechawa Valley and colorful lakes.
  • 4-day Guilin Holiday Getaway Tour
    Guilin is a blend of Karst landscape and countryside beauty. Cruise LI River to Yangshuo, enjoy biking, bamboo rafting and other outdoor sports.
  • 4D/3N Yangtze Cruise Weekend Tour
    Enjoy a voyage down the mighty Yangtze River, from Chongqing to Yichang, viewing the three gorge landscape and visiting cultural gems.
  • 3-day Lijiang Weekend Getaway Tour
    Lijiang’s beauty is evident in the ancient towns, untouched hamlets under snow-capped mountains and warm Naxi people. Don’t miss them!
  • 3-day Sanya Weekend Getaway
    Spend a weekend holiday in Sanya, sit back and enjoy China’s best sunny beach, beautiful sea view and the journey to Wuzhizhou Island.
  • 3-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour
    Let the sights and sounds of Harbin Ice and Snow Festival leads you a happy winter holiday. The ideal travel time is from Dec. to Late Feb.
  • 2-day Beijing Skiing Tour to Zhangjiakou Olympic Site
    Experience the fun of skiing in a Winter Games venue in Zhangjiakou, which cooperated with Beijing to host the 2022 Winter Olympics.
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4-7 Days Short Breaks for Expats

  • 6-day Beijing Pingyao Tour
    Travel from Beijing to Pingyao for China’s rich history. Get in the Great Wall, visit Forbidden City and stroll Pingyao Old Town.
  • 5-day Xian Luoyang Tour
    Explore China’s historical capitals, Xian and Luoyang, to visit Terracotta Army, Shaolin Temple and Longmen Grottoes.
  • 7-day Chengdu Lhasa Tour
    Meet the adorable giant pandas in Chengdu, then fly into Tibet to admire Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and Namtso Lake.
  • 5-day Shanghai Xiamen (Tulou) Tour
    After a short stay in Shanghai, travel to Xiamen for a Gulangyu Island visit, and furthermore an expedition of Nanjing Tulou castles.
  • 6-day Traces of Genghis Khan Tour From Beijing to Zhangjiakou
    With Easy Tour China’s 6-day traces of Genghis Khan tour, explore ancient capitals of Mongol Yuan Dynasty from Beijing to Zhangjiakou.
  • 4-day Relaxing Winter Tour to Detian Waterfall & Mingshi
    Visit the amazing minority land of Guangxi: Detian Waterfall, Mingshi Scenic Area, Tongling Grand Canyon and Huashan Murals.
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More than One Week Adventure for Expats

  • 9-day Kunming Dali Lijiang Shangri-La Tour
    Explore Yunnan highlights from Stone Forest, Dali & Lijiang Old Town to enigmatical Shangrila, with superb local guides by your side.
  • 10-day Silk Road & Badain Jaran Desert Tour
    Explore the great Silk Road and the sites all along, from Dunhuang Maogao Grottoes, Zhangye Rainbow Mountain to Badain Jaran Desert.
  • 8-day Guizhou Miao and Dong Tribes Adventure Tour
    Your tour to Guizhou is enriched with Chinese ethnic minority culture discovery. Delve into secret traditions and experience long-gone lifestyle.
  • 12-day Across Vietnam Tour from South to North
    The Vietnam tour is also ideal for expats in China, to explore Ho Chi Minh, Mekong Delta, Hue and Halong Bay with unique insider moments.
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Expats Organizations Travel with Us

Testimonial from Maurese

Nanjing International Club

Over the years, we’ve guided 100+ members of Nanjing International Club and their family and children to Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, Huangshan and other destinations.

Testimonial from Helen

Shenzhen International Women’s Club

The women expatriates of SWIC and their family traveled with us to visit different parts of China – they enjoy scenery and foods, learn culture, and meet local people.

Expat Travel Tips – How to Plan Your Trip in China

  • 1. Plan your trip properly according to the holiday of a year.

    In China, usually people, including most expats, can enjoy 2-day weekend, 3 to 7 days off on traditional festivals and public holidays. Besides, expats can enjoy the holiday of your own country, e.g. Easter Holiday for 3-4 days off.
    When planning a weekend trip in China, choose a nearby destination that is accessible by short-time flight/high speed train. For example, if you live in Shanghai, Yellow Mountain, Suzhou, Putuoshan, and Xiamen are nice choices.
    If you have 3-7 days holiday, design a trip concentrating on one place together with other neighboring areas. For examples, you may put Beijing and Pingyao, Chengdu and Lhasa or Xian and Luoyang together on a single trip.
    If you’re planning your annual vacation of 1-2 weeks, expats travelers can have a slow paced close look of a province or a specific region. For examples, you may have an expedition to the Silk Road, or explore Yunnan Province.

  • 2. Best time for expats to travel in China

    Best time to hike the Great Wall is from April to November. For expats travelers, apart from April, May, September and October, November till mid-December is also a good time to travel, as you can expect less tourists, lower costs and better travel experience.

  • 3. If I will go for a tour during the National Day holiday, what do you recommend?

    Since you live in China, you should have known how crowded it will be at those famous tourist spots during the National Day holiday. Usually we don’t recommend the international travelers to come during the first week of October. While for expats living in the country, if they have no other choice, then we will let them know the real situation of the destinations like in Yellow Mountain, Zhangjiajie, etc. The travel experience would be very poor due to the crowds of people during the period, after all, China has the largest population in the world (1.4 billion). Of course, our travel specialist will also look for some solutions to make your travel dreams come true. For example, we may select some less visited places for our clients in Yunnan and Guizhou, or the quiet parts of the popular destinations. If the must-see sites are busy, we will request the local guides to take you there earlier or later in the daytime to avoid the worst tourist jams. Please also read the article Hidden Gems in China for expat travelers.

  • 4. I have two children with us, what do you offer for a family trip in China?

    China has a vast territory, while each region has its distinctive sub-culture under the Chinese long-lasting civilization. For expat families, it will never be bored to see the diversified cultures, gorgeous landscapes, people and their colorful lifestyles. As a veteran for inbound travel, ETC paid much attention to looking for and developing travel products catering to the needs of family tourists. Not only in those top destinations like Beijing, Xian, Chengdu and Guilin, but also at some smaller and remote towns of Yunnan and Gansu we find tour programs for the children to enjoy and learn during their trips in China, which will broaden their horizons and have an in-depth understanding of the Oriental country. This is a wonderful start for them to grow up into a global citizen in the future.

  • 5. My parents are visiting us, what is your suggestion for a 10-day-long tour for senior travelers?

    If your parents are the first-timers in China, we recommend a tour covering Beijing (3 nights) - Xian (2 nights) – Chengdu (2 nights) - Shanghai (3 nights), or Beijing (3 nights) - Xian (2 nights) - Guilin/Yangshuo (3 nights) - Shanghai (2 nights). If you live in Beijing or Shanghai, there is no need to arrange any programs, then we can skip it and add other places instead. Lijiang of Yunnan can be taken into account. If you intend to show your parents those less-visited places in China, then Guizhou, Fujian and Gansu Province are good options.

  • 6. We are physically active travelers. Do you have any recommendation for us?

    China has so much to offer. It will never let you down in outdoor adventures. Easy Tour China has an affiliated brand name – Guilin Cycling Tours, which deliver all types of adventurous experiences: cycling, hiking, kayaking, bamboo rafting, cave exploring, etc. If you crave for fresh air, stunning landscape, physical challenge and lifestyle travel, at ETC you will definitely find what you want. For more details, you can visit the website:

  • 7. I want to visit Tibet, can you help me?

    According to the government rules, international travelers have to apply for a Tibet Entry Permit before entering Tibet. Only when travelers book a tour with a Chinese tour company, will they be given the permit, which is included in the package. This means foreign passport holders can’t travel independently to Tibet, they are required to take an escorted tour to visit the region. If you intend to visit Mt. Everest or any other places not open to the foreigners, then another Alien Travel Permit is needed. Therefore, please plan in advance, at least 20 days before, even you have obtained the China visa. The procedures are a little more complicated if you will visit Tibet. Easy Tour China is a specialist for the tailor-mades tours covering all over the country. Our travel specialists are very pleased to be at your service, crafting a memorable trip to Tibet for you.

  • 8. Are there any other destinations besides China as we may plan to visit other neighboring countries like Vietnam or others?

    After years of development, Easy Tour China established a close business ties with the partners in the neighboring countries. In the past years, we have successful operated many seamless private tours to Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, and Mongolia. The clients really enjoyed their travel experiences. If you intend to travel overseas, Easy Tour China team can help as well.

  • 9. Tips for your 2024 trip in China

    The COVID-19 epidemic is under control in China, most destinations (except for areas with medium or high risk) and attractions can be visited. But the travel restriction may be adjusted at any time according to the epidemic. For expat travelers, please be noted that:

    ● You can travel in China only if you have lived in China for over 3 months.

    ● Some hotels may not be allowed to receive foreigners.

    ● Most attractions have a daily limit on the number of people permitted to enter. And you need to book the ticket in advance.

    ● Prepare the travel essential items: mask, green health codes of your location and destination, passport and most recent China entry stamps, 14-day record of travel itinerary, certificate of employment, and nucleic acid test results.

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