Chinese Food

Explore Cuisine, Flavors, Culture, and Rich Traditions

One of the best things about China is Chinese food and its food culture. For a fact, the country has a surprisingly rich and unique taste when it comes to food.

Chinese food is all about a perfect combination of good looks, pleasant smell and good taste. And the food is seen everywhere and served at all times of the day, from very early morning to very late night.

Stimulate your palate with various kinds of Chinese delights, be it traditional homemade dishes, weird street food or the delicacies that are served in the high-end Michelin-starred restaurants. China also never misses a chance to astound international foodies with unforgettable gastronomic scenes in the restaurants, neighborhoods, streets, and homes.

Curious to know more about Chinese food, its No.1 best food, vegan cuisine, and what makes it world-famous? This is the right place for you.

Chinese Food Culture & History

Chinese food culture has been shaped by history, TCM, folk art, cuisines of different regions, a series of eating customs, and even Chinese philosophy. Have a general idea about Chinese cuisine and the dining etiquette is a must to explore its food culture.

Chinese Meat Food
Cuisines in China
China Food Culture
China Food Culture
    Chinese wine and its wine culture has evolved over time and has a history of over 4000 years. Explore Chinese wine traditions, legends, categories and learn the etiquette of Chinese wine -- how to drink wine in China while doing a wine tasting tour in the country.

Best Chinese Food

China is proud of its culinary contributions to the world–and it should be. Chinese food is undeniably iconic. Whether you relish appetizing spicy dishes or delicate dim sum, Chinese cuisine has something really yummy for you. Eat like a local in China, you should not miss rice, dumplings, noodles, all kinds of traditional food for festivals.

    Is Chinese Food Healthy? What are the best healthy Chinese food options? Finding the healthiest Chinese food isn’t hard. In this article, we round up 17 best healthy Chinese dishes, breakfast, snacks, drinks, and food materials for you. We even list the healthy Chinese food for diabetics.
Halal Chinese Food
Halal Chinese Food

Top Places & Restaurants in China for Chinese Food

That said, Chinese cuisine is surprisingly diverse. But what are the most famous gastronomic cities? What are the featured food and snacks in each city? What are the top restaurants in China? And where to taste the authentic Chinese food?

    Right here, we will offer you some basic ideas of where to taste the local specialties in China - the top 10 food cities in China. Get a quick glimpse of those destinations for foodies, and you will find that there is so much to satisfy your appetite while traveling across the amazing land.
    We have a list of 8 “hottest” places - the spicy food regions in China, such as Sichuan, Guizhou, Hunan, Yunnan... with tens of most popular spicy dishes! For your gourmet tour to China, make sure you visit some of these places and try some of China’s spiciest foods!
    Right here we choose some of the most outstanding Chinese food restaurants to taste best Chinese cuisine and the authentic flavors, as well as some top Western restaurants in Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guangzhou, Chengdu... for your reference. Wish you a yummy Chinese food tour!
    The cultural city Huai'an in Jiangsu Province was selected by UNESCO as the "Global Creative City Network-Food Capital" in 2021, the fifth selected city in China after Chengdu, Shunde, Macau and Yangzhou. Enjoy a taste of Huai’an, and the many popular local food and dishes Huaiyang Cuisine.
    A China tour spent in each city or town is an endless feast. But to create an ultimate foodie tour through China for authentic experiences to get a deep insight into China’s cuisine, food culture, and better know its real life, travelers are encouraged to learn to cook the regional food in different places.

Taste Authentic Chinese Food with China Food Tours

These experiences are the best of food tours in China: you'll see and eat the best foods that the gastronomy cities has to offer. Walk through back streets, hawker centers, neighbourhood for street foods, and also get to the skyscrapers and luxury hotels for fancy dinner.