Beijing Tours

Customize Your Trip to the Real China

Beijing, the cultural and political heart of China, is always an excellent starting point for global travelers to explore the kaleidoscopic array of attractions and experiences that China has to offer. There seems to be an endless choice of sights in this metropolis that seamlessly blend tradition and modernity, ranging from imperial palaces to skyscrapers, ancient temples to bustling markets, and traditional Peking opera to contemporary art.

Planning a tour of Beijing? Except for the famous and classic landmarks such as the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, and the Great Wall, we also offer Beijing tours with unique experiences like tasting traditional Beijing snacks, enjoying a special picnic on the Great Wall, and connecting with local people... The following Beijing tours can be customized according to your interests, budget, and time.

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On behalf of the Hall and Vergona Family, the trip was truly amazing. Our guide, Sherry Li, was perfect. She was professional, patience, kind and generous. She exceeded our expectation. Our driver was just as wonderful. Both of them made our trip perfect. I am in Tokyo now and was talking to a couple from Australia about your company. I used Easy Tour China in July for an eight day tour and am a returning customer. Thank you very much.
- Helen, United States
The ETC tour was excellent with good hotels; guides who were knowledgeable and spoke excellent English; and good daily content. Many thanks to you for organising the trip. Please also pass on to the guides concerned our thanks.
- Phil, from UK

1. When is the Best Time of Year to Visit Beijing?

You can travel to Beijing whenever you want. The best times to visit Beijing, however, are May, September, and October. Autumn is the best season, with its comfortable weather, pleasant temperature, and colorful scenery. Before planning a trip to Beijing, it is important to gather more information about the weather in Beijing by month and also consider some packing tips.

2. What are the Best Things to Do in Beijing?

The massive city of Beijing boasts a diverse range of tourist attractions, in addition to a rich historical and cultural heritage. The most popular things to do in Beijing include:

  • Marvel at the Great Wall of China: One of the Seven Wonders of the World and the largest man-made structure in the world
  • Explore the Forbidden City: China's largest and best-preserved imperial palace and the world's largest ancient wooden architecture
  • Visit the Temple of Heaven: China's most complete existing imperial sacrificial building complex, where Ming and Qing emperors prayed to heaven for abundant harvests
  • Experience the Summer Palace: the largest and best-preserved imperial garden in China, known for its outstanding combination of artificial features and natural landscape

  • 3. Which Section of the Great Wall Should I Visit?

    There are eight sections of the Great Wall near Beijing City. Which section of the Great Wall is the best to visit? Well, it depends on what you're interested in. The Badaling and Mutianyu sections are the two best-preserved sections. Since the Badaling Great Wall is the most popular section of the Great Wall among Chinese tourists, it can get very crowded. The Mutianyu Great Wall is a better choice. If you enjoy hiking, the Jinshanling and Jiankou sections offer an excellent hiking experience with pristine and wild scenery. Looking for a captivating sunset and night view of the Great Wall? Go to the Simatai Great Wall section.

    4. How to Apply for a 144-hour China Transit Visa in Beijing?

    Firstly, you must confirm that you are eligible to benefit from the 144-hour visa-free transit policy. Click on 144-Hour China Transit Visa for more information. To apply for a 144-hour transit visa, you must have: (1) a valid passport, (2) a valid visa for a third country or region (if required), (3) completed arrival and departure cards for temporary entry foreigners, and (4) an onward ticket to a third country/region with a confirmed seat and date within 144 hours of arrival.