China Cambodia Tours

Travel overland from China into the heart of Indochina, traversing Asia through the contrasting natural grandeur and striking cultural heritage of two enchanting countries - China and Cambodia. Both China and Cambodia are destinations for the ages, and have been beckoning world travellers with the Great Wall of China, Angkor Wat and other treasures.

On ETC China and Cambodia Tours, your passion for local culture, art, food and history will be fully responded, by interacting with local people and artisans, tasting many flavors, seeking traces of powerful dynasties and discovering many remarkble sacred sites.

Whether you are a first-time traveller to these two mystical oriental lands or a seasoned visitor, ETC unveils the best of China and Cambodia with tailor-made trips.

Recommended China and Cambodia Tours

  • 16-day Classic China & Cambodia Tour from Kunming to Siem Reap
    Travel from China to Cambodia, two of Asia’s most amazing cultural destinations, and enjoy some of world’s most outstanding historical heritages inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage list, such as the Great Wall, Terra Cotta Army, Angkor, etc.
  • 17-day Essential China & Cambodia from Guangzhou to Siem
    An in-depth tour of South-East Asia to discover all the highlights of Cambodia and China – the well-preserved ancient architectures, impressive historical sites, breathtaking natural wonders and the holiest Buddhist temples and pagodas.

Popular Cambodia Tour Packages

  • 3-day Classic Siem Reap Tour to Angkor Wat
    When you think of Siem Reap, you think Angkor Wat, the incredible treasure of Cambodia and the biggest temple in the world. Onr 3-day Siem Reap tour to Angkor Wat, experience the spirit of Cambodia, capture the Khmer smile on magnificent temples.
  • 4-day Angkor Wat Family Tour
    Tour Siem Reap in 4 days and visit Cambodia’s most prestigious Angkor. Parents and kids will love this ancient Buddhist sanctury, not only for the mysterious Khmer smile, but also for the amusing and inspiring treasure hunt amidst the magnificent temples.
  • 5-day Phnom Penh to Siem Reap Tour with Angkor
    Embark on an unforgetable adventure to Cambodia, a beautiful land with splendid history and remarkable temples. get the most out of this ancient kingdom, by visiting the big-name attractions, magical temples, national museums and buzzing local markets.

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