China Mongolia Tours

China and Mongolia was inextricably linked in the ancient times, today still share borders, and each has a unique own personality and splendor. Take an epic adventure to East Asia where you can experience the rich and varied cultural diversity of China and the wild beauty and untrodden remoteness of Mongolia.

On ETC’s private guided China and Mongolia tour packges, escorted by professional local guides, you will see the most intriguing and inspirational elements of these two nations. Tavel to ancient Karakorum where Genghis Khan established the capital of the great Mongol Empire, get to know the nomadic lifestyle with a night in a ger in Mongolian grasslands, expore the ancient wonders and ruins of China such as the Great Wall, Terracotta Army, go further experience both China’s and Mongolia’s countryside, metropolis, wildlife, foods, local streets, markets, etc. More than 60 countries are VISA FREE to visit Mongolia, check out whether you are on the list of free visa countries to Mongolia.

Recommended China and Mongolia Tours

  • 16-day Essential China & Mongolia from Beijing to Ulaanbaata
    Discover East Asia, feel the exoticism of destinations from Shanghai, Chengdu, Xian, Beijing to Ulaanbaatar and Bayangobi. Whether it’s spectacular cultural wonder, century-old Buddhist temple or historic landmark, you can find it in this 16 days China & Mongolia package tour!
  • 20-day Scenic and Historical Asia - China & Mongolia
    Dreaming of an unforgettable China + Mongolia tour? With this trip, you’ll be introduced the dramatic history and rich culture by visiting world heritage sites and fascinating museums. A journey to Southwest China also offers a relaxing experience with snow mountains and ancient town.
  • 17-day Trans China Train Journey from Mongolia
    An epic train tour from Mongolia to China showcases the must-see places in Mongolia and China, such as Giant Chinggis statue, Hustai National Park, ruins of Tumen Amgalant Palace, Forbidden City, the Great Wall, etc. You’ll also experience the real life, walking the streets and visiting local families.
  • 23-day Trans China Train Journey from Vietnam to Mongolia
    To experience Southeastern Asia, we start the train tour from Danang in Vietnam, through Xian and Beijing of China, all the way to Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia. Explore the different customs, cultures, historical sites, fascinate sceneries of three countries. This will be a life-time journey.

Best Tours of Mongolia

  • 7-day Central Mongolian Highlights Tour
    A well-craft highlights tour of Mongolian takes world travelers to must-see sights, experience authentic nomadic lifestyle and enjoy fantastic natural scenery of different landforms. This trip will fullfill all your dreams about the prairie by living in traditional ger camp and visiting Hustai National Park.
  • 10-day Mongolia Adventure Tour
    Explore Mongolia as you enjoy camping, living in ger camp, horse & camel riding, hiking and vising local family. Experience yourself a real nomadic lifestyle, breathe in the amazing natural scenery of grasslands, gobi desert and sand dunes, and visit incredible ancient temples and ancient ruins.
  • 9-day Mongolia Golden Troika Tour
    Discover Mongolia’s pristine landscapes and cultural sites. Get to know the capital by visiting Gandan Monastery and Museum of National History. And you won’t miss the Gobi highlights in Khongor sand dunes, the nomadic people living around Khuvsgul Lake, and activities like Horse & camel riding.

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