History of China

The history of China is a long, colorful history of dynasties, conflicts, and changes. When the Chinese refer to their history, they might be speaking of times that are already legendary. After all, written Chinese history dates back approximately four thousand years. Archaeological material, which has been found, indicates that people were already living in the territory of China today one million years ago.

Before 221 BC rulers were referred to as kings, after the unification in 221 BC they were proclaimed as emperors. The new Republic was formed in 1912, under president Sun Yatsen, ending the succession of Chinese rulers that we refer to as Dynasties.

Dynasties in the History of China

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The criterion for the emergence of civilization is the establishment of nations and city-states. With the continuous archaeological excavations of the ruins, religious altars, tombs, and large dams were found in recent years, Chinese civilization has been proved to be 5000 years old.
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