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See what our customers say in our Testimonial/feedback section! Below are some REAL feedback written by our customers who traveled China with us! We are grateful to share their experiences in China, including the review of our service, attractions, guides, hotels, activities and food.


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  • An expats group from Nanjing had a great time in Harbin

    Client: Valerie Nationality: France
    Tour Dates: January 30 , 2015 -- February 1 , 2015
    Tour Planner: Wei

    Dear Wei

    Thanks a lot for your great help organising the NIC HARBIN TRIP We had agreat time People enjoyed a lot the trip Kids had a lot of fun Weather wasreally good Nice blue sky with no pollution I was a little bit disappointed as I thought we would have done, like last time, spendin ...

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  • 2 clients from France took a fantastic trip in Guilin in August

    Client: Nationality: France
    Tour Dates: August 13 , 2014 -- August 16 , 2014
    Tour Planner: Charlie
    Itinerary: Guilin, Yangshuo, Longji

    Dear Tina, dear Charlie,

    Thank you for your email.

    I am still in the process of sorting out the many pictures i took from this trip through Guilin.

    It was indeed a fantastic trip and this is due to the high level of professionnalism shown by Charlie (who was always open to pre ...

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  • A French family was very satisified with their trip to Huangshan in late May, 2011

    Client: Jean-Yves Daurelle Nationality: France
    Tour Dates: May 26 , 2011 -- May 29 , 2011
    Tour Planner: Leon
    Itinerary: Huangshan 4 day tour

    Trip was great and very well-organized. Our guide Jerry was very professional and provided us great recommendations and insights. I am fully satisfied by your services.
    Jean-Yves Daurelle

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  • A French couple were very satisfied with the trip to Guilin, Yangshuo, Longsheng and Sangjiang in early November, 2008

    Client: Colette and Edouard Brezin Nationality: France
    Tour Dates: November 3 , 2008 -- November 8 , 2008
    Tour Planner: Phoebe
    Itinerary: Guilin-Yangshuo-Longsheng-Sangjiang

    Dear Phoebe,
    Back now from a long stay in Guangzhou and Beijing, my wife and myself would like to thank you for the excellent organization of our trip during the first week of November, to Guilin, Sangjian and the ethnic villages. Every bit of the trip was very well planned : we had an exc ...

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  • Another French family took a marvelous trip in China in March, 2008

    Client: Patrick IRLINGER Nationality: France
    Tour Dates: March 7 , 2008 -- March 17 , 2008
    Tour Planner: Sherry
    Itinerary: Shanghai, Guilin, Yangshuo, Longji, Beijing

    Dear Sherry,
    We have safely arrived back home after our lovely tour of China. I want to thank you very much for the work you’ve done, because every thing was as you’d promised me. The weather wasn’t as cool as we had hoped, but it wasn’t your fault.
    The landscapes were fabulous ...

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  • A French family of 4 had an enjoyable vacation during Chinese Spring Festival of 2008

    Client: JP Nationality: France
    Tour Dates: February 5 , 2008 -- February 11 , 2008
    Tour Planner: Phoebe

    Just a few words to tell you we are fully satisfied with our stay in Beijing. Lily was a very nice guide, the city is very impressive and interesting, all of the tour was great.

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