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  • 2 clients from USA had an amazing tea adventure in China in November of 2010

    Client: Thresa Nationality: United States
    Tour Dates: November 1 , 2010 -- November 17 , 2010
    Tour Planner: Cathy
    Itinerary: Beijing-Lhasa-Xiamen-Wuyishan-Anxi-Hangzhou-Yixing-Shanghai
    How are you Cathy? Finally, I can get a chance to write you!
    I just want to thank you for coordinating our trip to China last month. What an amazing adventure we had; the memories will surely last a lifetime.
    Each guide and driver in the different locations we visited were excellent. They were each very cheerful and friendly. We appreciate their knowledge of the culture, surroundings, history, etc. and their eagerness to share their passion and love of their country with us. We went on a customized tea culture tour and learned a lot about tea from both the places we visited and from our guides. The opportunity to visit different tea plantations, factories, and to sample so many kinds of tea was wonderful.
    We did not have to worry about our schedule as the tour guides were familiar with our itinerary and made sure all arrangements were taken care of and that we did everything we wanted to do at each destination. Any unexpected changes were handled efficiently with really no inconvenience on our part.
    What I liked, too, was the flexibility of not having a set schedule. If something piqued our interest or if our guide thought something would interest us, we would drive to or stay longer at a certain location. Whatever we required, our guides would do their best to just make it happen. Everyone was very attentive and mindful of the details. Even at the airport or train stations, our designated guide and driver were there to meet us. For departures, they made sure we were checked in and updated on any information so all we had to do was go through security and straight to our gate.
    For having no contacts in China, the language barrier, and the unfamiliar culture and geography, your help and expertise in coordinating this trip made it so easy. Thank you for the memories and new friends we made along the way. We hope to return to China next year and will be contacting you again to plan our next trip.
    I hope all goes well with your business trip to Mt. Wuyi and Xiamen. I definitely would like to explore Xiamen a lot more next time. Daisy, our guide, said that Xiamen used to be a fishing village and that Taiwan was just across the water. I just liked it there. And Mt. Wuyi! We have some great memories from our visit there. Jenny, our guide was very knowledgeable about tea and so incredibly helpful. She was definitely a delight.
    Anyway, you have a wonderful weekend, Cathy, and I hope you will always keep in touch. Take care....
    Best regards,