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  • A Singaporean couple has a fantastic tour to Harbin at the end of 2010.

    Client: Karis & Desmond Nationality: Singapore
    Tour Dates: December 26 , 2010 -- December 29 , 2010
    Tour Planner: Ellen
    Itinerary: Harbin 4 day tour
    Dear ellen,
    Thank you so much for arranging such a fantastic tour for us.
    Harbin is indeed cold but very beautiful and luckily we have done ample preparation in advance. Our guide Enson was great and made our trip easier and more enjoyable. He was really attentive and cared about making our experience a memorable one. He is very polite, honest and genuine, telling us to keep warm and be careful of the slippery icy ground most of the time. We enjoyed the trip very much with his presence. Both him and the driver are very punctual, they showed up at the airport, train station and hotel on time.
    On one occasion, he tried to negotiate with the hotel to give us a double bed when the hotel say they left with only twin beds, we felt very happy with his arrangement. Also, we want to thank you for the local lunches provided, which were very sumptuous and delicious. The Russian dinner was romantic and the food arranged fit us well.
    We have truly enjoyed the beautiful sceneries and ice sculptures at our own pace and the private coach make us feel indeed exclusive. Overall, it has been an entertaining experience, we highly recommend it. Glad we made a choice with you Ellen and China Fact Tours (Easy Tour China).
    Take care my fren!
    Karis & Desmond