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  • A 9-pax group from Estonia thanked us for the wonderful job!

    Client: Maris Nationality: Estonia
    Tour Dates: March 28 , 2011 -- April 10 , 2011
    Tour Planner: Cathy
    Itinerary: Beijing-Suzhou-Shanghai-Hong Kong-Macau
    Dear Cathy,
    I just wanted to say thanks for a well-organized trip again. Everything went well and smoothly and my people enjoyed the trip very much, the food was great as always, as were the hotels. Now I did say in the customer review sheet that the King Parkview hotel had a mediocre breakfast, but this was just for you to know - I like the hotel very much, it has a superb location, so definitely I want the same hotel next time too. Everything else makes an ordinary breakfast seem unimportant :).
    I also liked the other hotels and all the meals were good, too. Guides were professional and well-prepared as well. The only thing I have some doubts about was the guide in Macau. Well, he was better than the guy we had last time, but still his English was so poor that me and the American guests were just trying to guess what he was saying. Not always did we understand him and he did try to skip one or two places from the program too - such as the Penha hill viewpoint, so I had to be adamant and demand that we go. But then again I know their first foreign language in Macau would be Portuguese, so maybe they all have problems with English there..
    Anyway, this was just a small detail and all the rest of the trip was so well organized, that I can only say thank you for wonderful job again! Hope the next groups complete and have a bit more people... Our bunch was very small indeed.
    Best greetings,