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  • An couple from USA had an excellent trip to Huangshan in early June, 2011

    Client: Rosina Nationality: United States
    Tour Dates: June 5 , 2011 -- June 6 , 2011
    Tour Planner: Silvia
    Itinerary: Huangshan 2 day tour

    We will be leaving for the airport in less than an hour to go back to the States.  Thanks for all your help.   Everything on the HuangShan trip was excellent.  The driver showed up before the agreed time at the hotel in Hangzhou and was waiting for us when we checked out.  The car is a big one, very clean, the driver was clean cut, polite and knowledgeable.  We asked him may questions about HuangShan and he was able to answer them all.  Furthermore, he stays quiet until asked a question, and that was very good.  Too may drivers talk all the time.  His driving was good, and he always gave very accurate estimates with respect to how long it would take to get to anywhere.   At the end he made a ussgestions that we visit HongCuin after HuangShan for some extra money.  That was a very nice trip and the money agreed to was very reasonable.  Overall we are vry very pleased with the driver.

    The hotel at Tongko was also quite nice.  The trip to Huangshan is of course absolutely marvelous.  Very different from when I visited it many years ago.  Given the opportunity I would like to stay in the mountain for a couple of days to see more of the mountain.  Maybe another trip in the future.

    We certainly appreciate your excellent service, and would ask for your help again in the future, and we would pass your name to other friends at our university who are planning to visit China.