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  • One American took a great 19-day solo trip in China in August, 2011. Tour includes cities of Beijing, Pingyao, Xian, Lhasa, Chengdu, Guilin and Shanghai.

    Client: Kirk Watson Nationality: United States
    Tour Dates: August 2 , 2011 -- August 20 , 2011
    Tour Planner: Charlie
    Itinerary: Beijing-Pingyao-Xian-Lhasa-Chengdu-Lijiang-Kunming-Guilin-Yangshuo-Shanghai
    I wanted to send you this note by the tour guides and the trip.
    I would like to say that my tour guide while in Beijing was great. Talked to me about everything and answered all my questions that I had about the places that we were visiting. She also wanted to know if I wanted to go and see the Chinese acrobats.which she didn't have to but she went above what is was hired to do. Which I really did appreciate.
     My tour guide that I had while in Pingyao. I do believe was more in a hurry to get rid of he was always checking his watch.Right after we had lunch he came over and asked me if he wanted me to just walk around the city by myself or if I need him to come alone with me. I do believe that he was hoping that I would say that I didn't need him. So that he could do something else.
    Lisa my tour guide in Xi'an was also the greatest she really went about what she was hired to do. She also answered all of my questions that I had.She also took me to a Shaanxi Grand Opera House dumpling dinner & show which was so great and she even sat with me and talked while I eat and left just before the show started.. But the biggest thing that she did was to go with me to the Airport to make sure that I got on the right flight and make sure I didn't have any problems while checking in at the airport.
    Jack my tour guide in Lhasa was great really knew his city and was a very good guide talked about the great history of his city and was glad for that only because some tour guides don't know anything about the city they are talking about. I just wish that he would have been able to offer me something to do later that night. We got finished with the tour around 5:00pm so I had the night free and was wanting something to do to see more of the city
     The Guide that I had for Chengdu was by far the best that I have had. I know that she took time out from a very busy schedule to personally come to the Airport and then take me around on my tour.I know that she was busy because when we were at the Panda research base she told me that she had made all the arrangements for the Vice President of the U.S that was coming to her city the next day. and even while we were on my tour she was still taken calls about the arrangements but even with all was going on she never made me fell like that I was second. She was so very out going and very friendly that we talked about just about everything and that she was willing to answer all the questions that I had. Would also like to say what a great guide my plane was late by almost two hours and when I got the and she meet me she still had a smile on her face. And by the time she got me to my hotel and she got home it had to be close to midnight and then back up and at my hotel by 9:00 and with everything else that she had going on she still had a smile and was very out going.
     Angel my tour guide in Lijiang was good she knew her city and also very out going.Would also like to say that she was a really great because she has to wait at the airport because are flight was late we didn't get in ther until after midnight and by the time she got me to my hotel and she got home it has to be close to 2:00 am and then back up and at my Hotel at 9:00am but she still had a smile when she meet me that morning I know she had to be as tired as I was but she didn't let it show.I know that it is a little hard to do you best when it is rainy and it did rain for some of the day.There was one thing that she could have done was to offer me something else to do the night after we got done with the tour beside going to the bar street. We got done with the tour around 5:00pm so I could have done something that night like to go a local show if they had any playing. I gave her and driver tip
     my tour guide at Kumming picked me up at the airport around 4:00pm and took me to the hotel. we talked about this show that was preforming in the city he did ask if I wanted to go and I told me yes but he never made any called to see about getting tickets so I just walked around the city but would have like to have gone and seen the show. I gave him and driver tip
     Helen my guide for gulin very friendly like to talk about her city which was great. After the river cruise had the rest of the day to go see the sights on my own but Helen wanted to know if I would like to go see the Elj Impressiom show so I went and if was so great. Reed Flute cave one of the best caves that I have ever seen the colors were great.Like the cave also because we could take pictures most of the other caves that I have been to you can't take pictures. Gave Helen and driver tip.
    Melinda my guide in Shanghai was so much fun was always laughing and smiling.Just had a great time with her all day. She even stayed with me untill I checked in for my flight. what a great fun person to be around. Gave Melinda and Driver tip.
    Also would like to say that all of the resturants that the Guides pick for my lunches were also great got to eat a lot of different types of food from all over your country. Never had Yak or Donkey until my tour both were not what I was thinking that the would test like both very good. 
    Do have to say that the hotels that you picked out for me they were all great each had there own flavor for the area that I was staying in.
    Will have to talk to you about setting up a 5 day trip back to Tibet in either June or October so that I can go see Mt. Everest was told that was the best time to go see the mountain. And then want to go back to Chengdu for three days to see the other sights.
    Again thank you for the great tour.

    Kirk Watson