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  • A German couple had a great time in Guilin-Yangshuo-Longji in late August, 2011

    Client: Nationality: Germany
    Tour Dates: August 23 , 2011 -- August 27 , 2011
    Tour Planner: Silvia
    Itinerary: Guilin 5 day tour
    Hello Silvia,

    thanks, I'm fine. Hope, you're good as well. It's right, I'm still in Shanghai.

    The trip in total was really great, thank you very much for planning it! My comments on the trip in detail:

    The driver:
    He was nice. When we asked him to slow down in the mountains, he drove slowly. Often he asked via Michael, if we would like to switch the air-conditioning on. We were satisfied with him.

    The guide:
    Michael's english was really excellent. We could understand him absolutely well. One problem was that he rushed a little bit through the program, especially during the hiking and cycling. Furthermore, he just told us something about the place, when I asked him about it. That was a little disappointing. Moreover, I asked him about any recommendations in Guilin we could visit on the day we were staying at the hotel. But he didn't tell us one.

    The hotels:
    The first hotel in Longji Village was - as you wrote - a wooden style hotel. Before our trip I was a little afraid of what that hotel would be like. But I was really surprised. Of course, the hotel isn't luxurious, but it is very clean and familiar. That was really nice. The food was very good and the people were very friendly. Moreover, we had a great view from our hotel room.

    The second hotel in Guilin (Bravo Hotel) was very good. An employee of the hotel brought us a "good-night-sweet", which has been a nice thing. The room was clean, the food was good (lunch: not that much, but nice food; breakfast: great).

    The third hotel in Yangshuo (Dragon River Retreat) was disappointing. The room hasn't even been cleaned when we arrived in the afternoon. The bedsheets and the towels were dirty (they both had tiny little spots on them, which weren't identifiable). When I asked the hotel staff to change that, they promised me to do that - but they didn't do that after all. The hotel location is quite nice, we had a good view from the garden to the river. Nevertheless, I don't think that this hotel is suitable.

    The trip:
    We saw a lot of nice places during the trip, which was quite nice. Especially the rice terrasses and the boat trip from Guilin to Yangshuo (the food wasn't that nice, but as you said it before, we brought our food with us) was very great. Although, we had a lot of free time at every day. I think, there would be the possibility to fit in some more activities, e.g. for the second day.

    Summarized, we enjoyed the trip very much and I would like to thank you once again for planning our trip! My dad is very grateful for the book you gave us for him. He liked it very much.

    Best wishes,