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  • An expat family from New Zealand had a wonderful summer holiday in Guilin in August, 2012

    Client: Gail Cross Nationality: New Zealand
    Tour Dates: August 14 , 2012 -- August 16 , 2013
    Tour Planner: James
    Itinerary: Guilin Tours
    Good Morning James!

    Where to begin......  John has returned to work today and Hannah and Helen are back to their respective Homes and Work so its time for me to say a huge THANK YOU James!

    We have had a truly wonderful summer holiday and I have to say we enjoyed the southern part the best for sure and all due to you and your wonderful help!  Sincere thanks from us all!

    Please convey our thanks to Soong, he was wonderful,  so patient and kind and never hurried us and always answered any questions etc!  He was fantastic as was the driver with whom we always felt very safe!    Im telling eveybody they must use your services when they come to China!  All was perfect and yes you were right, the Moondance Hotel was perfect thank you!  I wish we had time to have another night there and just relax but it was the most delightful little hotel we stayed at!

    One comment you might like to pass on to the owner was that we would have preferred if they did not have their dogs wandering and sleeping in the dining room whilst we were eating! Its not about loving dogs or not its about hygiene and of course avoiding dog bites and rabies!!!!  This is not a complaint, just a comment but dogs around food is not good in our culture. It is a brilliant hotel and wonderfully furnished and Im Sure it will continue to be a huge success!

    Our flights were great thank you, we could not have done without your help.  Its very hard here to book flights in Nanjing so we will be emailing you again for sure!  The girls got away on time on Saturday and conncected with their flights out of HK so all was well.

     Last but certainly not least THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMING UP THE MOUNTAIN TO VISIT US AND FOR THE WONDERFUL GIFTS YOU SO KINDLY SHOWERED UPON US JAMES!  It was extremely generous of you to visit us and we were so delighted to meet you again and the gifts are just perfect!  So well thought out and much appreciated and John is still trying to work out how to put the Seal on the end of our email Address but he has used the chop when writing a wedding card to be delivered in New Zealand to his best friend.  It looked so special on the card!  Thank you again and we will always treasure it and think of you!

     Im resting up now after too much excitement and too many adventures and Im revelling in the memories of such a special holiday!  Hannah departed after thanking me for staying alive so we could have the long planned holiday together!  Tears!

    John and I are considering our future travels in China so we will get back to you soon!  Pingyao is top of our list for the future!

    Thank You James and all Good Wishes to you,  have a happy day!


     Gail Cross,  and family!