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  • Two Canadian clients had an amazing trip in China in September, 2012

    Client: Nicole Nationality: Canada
    Tour Dates: August 21 , 2012 -- August 31 , 2013
    Tour Planner: Sarina
    Itinerary: Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Shanghai
    Hi Sarina!!

    I'm sorry for my late response. Below is my review of our trip with EasyTourChina:

    - The driver and guide who picked us up at the airport in Beijing were very welcoming. The guide also helped us check into the hostel and learn some basic chinese script.

    - The staff at the Beijing Hostel gave us exceptional service. They were always available to answer questions and they made us early to-go breakfast on tour days. Our room was clean and had all the amenities needed.

    - Both tour guides in Beijing were awesome. They were very informative and fun. The tour of the forbidden city, temple of heaven and summer palace was a little bit rushed due to the time constraints and full day schedule.

    - Sitting in the waiting room for the night train ride to Xi'an is a little overwhelming due to the amount of people. On the actual train ride I fell asleep for most of the time. The beds were comfortable enough and the noise level was low.

    - Chris was a great tour guide. He was very informative and friendly. I think he went beyond the normal service required by a guide. The hostel in Xi'an was very helpful and beautiful. They were very accommodating when we wanted to check in early. The staff were very helpful and responsive when our toilet wouldn't flush.

    - Carol was very welcoming when we arrived in Guilin. She was accommodating with our travel plans after the scolding hot weather made a 2 hour bike ride undesirable. The driver was very funny and friendly. He was my favourite driver of the whole trip.

    - We were extremely happy that you invited us out for dinner!!!
    - The hotel in Guilin had amazing rooms...lots of space and a beautiful washroom.
    - The mountain retreat in yangshou is absolutely amazing. It was definitely a needed break from our busy schedule. The staff at the hotel are extremely kind and helpful. The view is breathtaking and the food is pretty good.

    - Shaun (Nash) is also a great guide. He was very laid back and friendly. The accommodation in Shanghai was my least favourite, only because I enjoyed the local hostel/hotel in the other areas. The Holiday Inn felt a little too much like home. On the other hand, the hotel was in a prime location. The MTR line was only a 5 minute walk away and there was restaurants and a Bank of China close by.

    All in all, the service level of guides/drivers and the accommodations exceeded my expectations. You made planning our trip to China so easy.

    Last but not least...Sarina, your service over the last few months was amazing. Your email response time was so fast. I was extremely impressed with your communication while we were on the trip too!!! Your service was also way beyond expectations.

    Thanks so much again!!!

    And remember to email me if you are planning on coming to Canada!