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  • A mother and daughter enjoyed their trip to Shanghai in July, 2013

    Client: Ysa Nationality: Malaysia
    Tour Dates: July 4 , 2013 -- July 8 , 2013
    Tour Planner: Peicy
    Itinerary: Shanghai city tour
    Hi Peicy!

    Sorry I just email you now. I remember that I promised you that I will write you back when we are already in Shanghai, but time was too short that I forget. I am so sorry for that.

    Shanghai is very beautiful. I have never been amazed in my entire life. I am lucky enough that I booked it and entrusted your agency.

    The package tour we availed was just perfect. We love the hotel(Holiday Inn Express), it was big enough and very clean. We just don't like the breakfast too much. For Vicky, she's very nice. She's always on time and tries to explain everything. I like that she's young because we never got bored. She just have to develop her English a little well. The lunch in that restaurant (which I forgot the name) located in Yu Garden, wasn't that good as well, but it was really a lot of food in our table. For the driver, Mr. Chao, he does his work very well even though we never got the chance to talk because of language barrier maybe.

    We enjoyed our free day because we got the chance to go wherever we want without hurrying. Overall, it was satisfying. I never regret that I booked a tour with you because when we were having a free day, we definitely had a hard time communicating with Chinese because we don't know how to speak Engish except Nihao. :D It was very convenient that we are just in the car and roam around the city. So next time, I should've just book without a free day. And everyone here loves our picture and wants to go to Shanghai too. We are planning to go to Beijing on February 2014, we will be 4 together with my Aunt and Uncle and I have no one to entrust our future tour except your agency. I will book soon as soon as we finalize our decisions. Again, Thank you is never enough to show how grateful we are for that promising trip.