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  • Two ladies from Argentina had their successful trip with Easy Tour China in July, 2012

    Client: Graciela and Liliana Nationality: Argentina
    Tour Dates: July 3 , 2012 -- August 3 , 2012
    Tour Planner: Charlie
    Itinerary: Shenzhen, Guilin, Zhangjiajie, Fenghuang, Beijing
    Dear Charlie,

    In July 2012, my friend Lili and I made our second trip to China with Easy Tour China. What can I say this time that I had not wrote last year.

    Our 2011 trip was perfect and this year, well, it was more than perfect if such thing were possible.
    Everything, the whole implementation of the itinerary prepared by me, the flight  and hotel bookings, the transfers, the few organized tours we made (we mostly traveled on our own) the constant assistance on the part of Charlie Chen, the dozens of details to be cared to.

    Charlie is so helpful, always ready and wishing to give us a hand ansering our emails and phone calls from different places in China and ... at any time, even late at night.

    Last year we had not visited Guilin but this year it was a must for us. Charlie was waiting for us at the Eva Inn when we arrived and invited us to a delicious lunch to a lovely restaurant close to the hotel. Then we went to visit Easy Tour China premises downtown and were received there by Mr. Yang Yi, the Managing Director. What a charming afternoon we spent there including a kind of tea ceremony and all kinds of interesting explanations about tea and tea growing in China as well as many other interesting issues. It's the kind of thing that makes you feel you have a chance of being a little a part of the country not just that you are visiting certain places.

    Charlie has a real gift for choosing the right hotel for the right passanger. All of them were great and specially the Magnolia Inn in Yangshuo decorated with old Chinese pieces of furniture with an extreme good taste.

    And above all, if you are not quite sure about what destination to choose for your next trip in Asia, don't hesitate, choose China, you'll never be disappointed.

    Thank you Charlie and thank you all in Easy Tour China. You've made our trip great and an unforgettable experience, like last year.

    Graciela and Liliana from Buenos Aires, Argentina