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  • Two Philippino clients were truly grateful for everything we did for their trip to Beijing

    Client: Krizia Louise Nacpil Ordoña Nationality: Philippines
    Tour Dates: September 6 , 2013 -- September 9 , 2013
    Tour Planner: Peicy
    Itinerary: 3-day Beijing City Tour
    Hi Peicy,

    Sorry for the delay. The Beijing tour was perfect from the moment I had inquired about the tour, you were very accommodating with all of our requests and questions. I was truly grateful when you gave me the option to go to Church as this was very important for me and was glad that you arranged that for me.

    When we landed in Beijing, we were happily greeted by our "big sis" Sisi and she helped us get over the fact that the trip from vancouver to China was a tiring and long one. She painted a picture of China and it's history in a way where for once in my life, I actually enjoyed learning. She gave us our personal space when she deemed it necessary and offered us additional ways to get the real feel of Beijing like riding the subway to the acrobatic show. I really enjoyed that part too. The driver was also prompt and courteous. No complaints in that area.

    If there is one thing I could suggest is that the company make an account on tripadvisor or other third party websites because I stumbled to your website by mistake and when I was searching for other client's comments, I couldn't find any. Also, i see a lot of questions from other people as to whether you have a good standing/ good tour. I read the testimonials in your website but it was hard to believe that those writings were giving an unbiased opinion. But now that we've made the right choice to book the tours with you, we know you'll be hearing from us again when we'll be exploring the other cities of China
    That 3-day Beijing trip was the highlight of my 3 week long vacation and can't wait to see the Terra Cotta warriors in the next few years!


    Krizia Louise Nacpil Ordoña