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  • A couple from Colombia thanked us for the pleasant trip to China

    Client: Carlos Velasquez Nationality: Colombia
    Tour Dates: March 17 , 2014 -- April 1 , 2014
    Tour Planner: Silvia
    Itinerary: Hong Kong, Guilin, Xian, Beijing, Shanghai

    Dear Mr. Yang.

    Hope that at the arrival of this email, you and the people in you company are fine.

    To begin this letter, let me tell you that after our experience with our trip in your lovely Country we spend two more weeks in the USA and we travel down to South America and Colombia our final destination, it takes some time to get back to our normality.

    We decided that we had to write this letter of Recognition to all the guides that worked in the time we stay in your Country, there is not an exception, from Mrs. Silvia who arranged and kept contact with us from the beginning to the end making sure we were doing fine.

    Sandy, David, Justin, Cathy, and Rita, they were making us feel like if we have known them for long time, just like friends, We had excellent report with all of them, if we have to mentioned individually, we probably missed some of their qualities.

    Now, to improved, we will say that food is one of the more important factors, understanding we are in a foreign Country, but .......

    Thank you for your service and YES, we will recommend your service to any who wishes to travel to China

    Ones again, Thank you.

    Carlos Velasquez