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  • A couple from New Zealand had an amazing trip in China in September, 2014

    Client: Susan and Donald Nationality: New Zealand
    Tour Dates: September 12 , 2014 -- September 22 , 2014
    Tour Planner: Silvia
    Itinerary: Beijing, Xian, Three Gorges, Shanghai

    Hi Silvia

    An amazing trip, thank you. We only arrived home last evening after missing our international flight from Guangzhou. Still CSair put us up at a nice hotel. Weather and air traffic congestion was the cause.

    As you would have seen from our guides report sheets we had favourable comments all the way. ( hard not to when you guide stands there while you fill it in ).

    Only downside was the guide in Chongqing was not very flexible when it came to walking in the rain. We did say what was the point of walking through the gardens in the rain. I’m sure it would be lovely in fine weather though. Beijing was overwhelming, Candiese had an amazing knowledge of the history but too much walking for me in the heat. It rained in Xian but we were inside the pits and then Aria took us to a new shopping complex when we asked. She was delightful and we will be emailing her with photos . We both loved Shanghai but would have liked more time at the Yi Garden markets. Right next to Crowne Plaza is a great supermarket, cafe and wine store called City Shop. Aries did not know about it so we passed the information onto him too.

    You are welcome to use the photos if you wish.


    Sue and Don