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  • A lady from Argentina had her fourth trip with Easy Tour China in July of 2014

    Client: Graciela Nationality: Argentina
    Tour Dates: July 2 , 2014 -- August 4 , 2014
    Tour Planner: Charlie
    Itinerary: Guilin, Yangshuo, Shenzhen

    In 2014 I made my fourth trip to China with the precious help of Charlie of Easy Tour China. Needless to say that their organization and service is perfect and they are extremely kind and efficient, this is why I have made four trips with them.

    This year I chose not to stay at Yangshuo and instead I stayed at a hotel on the Yulong River at a few kilometers from Yangshuo. It’s at least for us (Westerners) the quintessence of China of the China we have always dreamt of. An extremely picturesque country side, the wonderful Yulong River and its amazing bamboo rafting (nothing more quiet and romantic in the whole world) and those mountains that you can not see in other places. Bamboo rafting is a unique experience and riding a bike (which I did for eight days) getting deliciously lost at the country side is an unforgettable experience, quite, quite, quite Chinese.

    Guilin. Well Guilin is a most extraordinary city. I personally am not interested that much in the traditional touristic attractions of Guilin where everybody goes. For me the most attractive places in Guilin are its streets, its parks, its markets (the plants, birds and fish market is gorgeous and no tourists at all go there, not even Chinese (I went there thanks to Charlie) and its people. And above all, the gorgeous, amazing, charming, delightful rivers and lakes that are almost everywhere. You turn a corner and there you find another river arm or lake. Both during the day and in the evening, walking along both sides of these rivers and lakes is something I always like. Last July I spent twelve days in Guilin and I would go every morning or afternoon and every evening walking and also sitting down at these so beautiful sidewalks with plentiful of plants and trees on both sides of rivers and lakes. And there is a plus in the evening, if you walk not where the Crystal Bridge and other bridges are but on the opposite side, lights of different colours are gorgeous and you have the chance of watching beautiful shows. You just seat down and watch in the middle of such a romantic and charming surroundings. For us Westerners it’s like a fairy tale.

    I clearly realize that all foreigners that are spending one or two days in Guilin do not know about this wonder and in all the times I’ve been there I just saw foreigners twice. The cascade at the Waterfall Hotel is worth seeing too. There is also a big stage at the huge square at the back of the Waterfall Hotel, there are also beautiful theatrical performances on weekends there.And not to speak about the boat ride, both during the day and in the evening. It’s one of the best boat rides in the world, believe me.

    Another wonder in Guilin for shoppers is the enormous underground and amazing world under the enormous big main square and under the adjacent streets. You can get down there and spend hours going around and around. Clothes, electronic items, shoes, eye glasses, a little art, lots of different articles and sociologically interesting because when you have been there a few times you realize that the shop owners or shop keepers are a kind of a big family; they also spend their day there, eat there, their children study and play there and they are constantly helping each other. Most interesting world if you take the time to watch, see what’s going on and understand and appreciate.

    Being in Guilin I visited and greatly enjoyed Daxu, an ancient well preserved small village showing very good examples of traditional Chinese architecture. Lovely antiques shops in its charming main street.

    And finally Shenzhen a modern, dynamic, well planned and charming city that very few foreigners visit but that is definitively worthwhile knowing. Wide and elegant avenues, most attractive and daring contemporary architecture, lots of amazing parks and two most attractive districts devoted to arts, OCT Contemporary Art Terminal and Loft Area full of art galleries, antiques shops and trendy cafés and restaurants as well as Dafen plenty of painters and specialized items for painters. Both are a must.

    Don't miss China, the most beautiful and interesting country in the world and do it with Easy Tour China. You won't be disappointed!