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  • A Portugese family had a wonderful trip to China with EasyTourChina March/Abril 2015

    Client: Patricia Dias da Silva Nationality: Portugal
    Tour Dates: March 22 , 2015 -- April 4 , 2015
    Tour Planner: Silvia
    Itinerary: Beijing, Luoyang, Xi'an, Sanya, Shanghai

    We are just returning from an extraordinary 15 days family trip around China!

    We started to plan this trip last year, too many researching -discovering the best sites to visit, good hotels to stay, recommend restaurants to eat and the best private tour company. After contacting with 8 initial companies, we chose EasyTourChina, the most reliable and competitive one. Silvia Gan was our travel agent, after many revised itineraries and quote adjustments (she had a tough time with me :)), she really convinced me!

    A private tour was the perfect option for us traveling in a country that don't speak English at all. It would be a risk to get to China with kids on our own. So a guide tour and a driver are strongly necessary.

    So, EasyTourChina took good care of us while we were where in China, the hotels, the tours, the train and plane ticket were all taking care by them. Everything was included except at night, that we were by our own (although we had some night shows also included), but the guides always advised us on the best places and restaurants to go.

    We just travelled a lot to many countries and at China we realized that there are now opening to tourism. People are not quite prepared to lead with foreigners and are not used to it. They are now starting to improve it. So, we had some issues mainly on our checking in, with simple things: for example: we arrived always at first place then our guides, which was a new experience for us, but seems normal to them. Also the guides didn't get social with us, as they do at other countries, they just talk about the essential things and then keep silence till the rest of the tour. It was also strange, but I realized it's just their mentality and shy culture. Besides of those issues, that were all promptly solved by a phone call to Silvia, the trip was well organized and was a truly experience. We had a fantastic family holiday at China, we all had a wonderful time.

    We have seen the impressive terracotta warriors, the amazing great wall, the huge Forbidden City, the Zen Shaolin temple, the inspiring Longmen caves -all impressive places and Unesco Heritages.

    We have visited their amazing street markets at Beijing and Xian, we tasted china local and different food, which was delicious. We also ate some fried and crispy scorpions at Beijing street market, and after we had dinner at the best Beijing Duck -Quanjude Restaurant. We have also enjoyed beach time at Sanya Island, where we were almost the only foreigners there. Yalong bay Beach was very beautiful place, the sea and beach were fantastic and that extra time was really good to charge some batteries. Attention: this island is really expensive, everything are overpriced!

    We also had fun in Shanghai, although the weather was not so good (cloudy all the time due to the high pollution) and the traffic was chaotic. And we loved the day tour to Suzhou, a beautiful old and traditional city, where had a boat tour on the canals – it’s like the Oriental little Venice.

    The hotels were all excellent, although the hospitality in a 5* hotel was not what we are used to. The Christian’s Hotel at Luoyang and Shichahai Sandalwood Boutique Hotel were the exceptions, where we were well greeted but their staff.

    All our city tour guides were great, taking good care of us, explaining everything about the sites we visited and taking us to the best restaurants in town. At lunch they were also ordering special food for us.

    Jie at Luoyang and Eddie at Beijing deserve special mention. Also all the drivers were good and helpful with the luggage and the vans were very clean and comfortable. At least, a special mention to the 2 nights shows we saw: Kung Fu Show at Beijing and Era Acrobatic Show at Shanghai -both great shows and not to be missed. And we also enjoyed visiting the Tea Factory, The Silk Factory and The Terracotta’s factory.

    Finally, we truly recommend the EasyTourChina and Silvia Gan to organize and take good care of you on your trip to China.

    We intend to visit China for a 2nd time, especially to visit Hong Kong, Macau and Guilin, so we surely will choose EasyTourChina again to plan it with us.

    Thank you very much for the fantastic family trip and see you on our next visit to China!

    Family Patricia Dias da Silva 19th April 2015

    Guided Private Tour to China

    Day 1 Beijing Arrival: Hutong Tour, Kongfu Show

    Day 2 Beijing: Badaling Great Wall, Ming Tomb (Changling), Sacred Way, Olympic Green

    Day 3 Beijing: Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Beijing Zoo

    Day 4 Beijing to Xi’an: The Summer Palace, with a short cruise on Kunming Lake

    Day 5 Xi’an: Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, Gao's Courtyard, Chinese Shadow Puppet Show in Gao House, Muslim Quarters, Grand Mosque

    Day 6 Xi’an to Luoyang to Xi’an: Longmen Grottoes, Shaolin Monastery

    Day 7 Xi’an to Sanya

    Day 8 Sanya: Free day

    Day 9 Sanya: Free day

    Day 10 Sanya: Free day

    Day 11 Sanya to Shanghai

    Day 12 Shanghai: Science and Technology Center, The Bund, Oriental Pearl TV Tower (sightseeing floor at 263m), Tianzifang Old Quarters, Xintiandi

    Day 13 Shanghai to Suzhou to Shanghai: Lingering Garden, No.1 Silk Factory, Pingjiang Old Quarters, Tongli Water Town

    Day 14 Shanghai Departure