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  • A Dutch family of 3 children is satisfied with ETC's service

    Client: Maurice Nationality: Netherlands
    Tour Dates: April 28 , 2015 -- May 4 , 2015
    Tour Planner: Lydia
    Itinerary: Lijiang, Yangtze Cruise

    Hello Ricky,

    I am very satisfied with the service ETC travel provided to us, all scheduled arrangements worked out very well.

    Only small remark is regarding the Yangtze cruise, here we had some confusion during checkin. My understanding was that 2 cabins had been booked and that in one cabin we would sleep using additional mattress. Looking at size of cabins, I can only say that the additional mattress would not really have been an option. In the end we received an additional shared cabin. Since the cruise was not fully booked, we were the only one staying in the 3rd cabin. So in end everything was ok.

    One additional remark regarding the additional optional excursions offered during the cruise. These are expensive 295RMB/person, and it is completely unacceptable that they ask same price for adults and children. Even for my 5yr old, they asked full fare. Here I ask you to feed this back to Victoria Cruises to make a more realistic pricing as in rest of China, where children below 1,2/1,4 are half price or free. We decided not to spend 5x 295RMB and stayed on board.

    If we have further plans for travel in China we will think of you again.