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  • Our British client thanked us for orgainsing a fantastic trip in June

    Client: Felicity Nationality: United Kingdom
    Tour Dates: July 16 , 2015 -- July 23 , 2015
    Tour Planner: Lydia
    Itinerary: Beijing, Xian, Shanghai

    Good Morning Lydia,

    Thank you for orgainsing a fantastic trip around China for me. I am now back in the UK and suffering holiday blues!

    I am happy to provide comment so please see below:

    - Beijing: Dream was a fantastic tour guide, she truly made my trip. She spoke very good English, was very knowledgeable, understood my needs and went out of her way to provide the best customer service I've ever experienced. She is a lovely person and a true asset to your firm. I cannot express my thanks to her enough. She was truly wonderful. If you wouldn't mind, we said we would keep in touch, so please do pass along my thanks to her and my email address: ****@hotmail.co.uk and number: **** in case she would like to message me, or is ever in the UK.

    I though the Beijing tour was very good, although I think that Dream probably was the reason for this as she went out of her way to make sure I could see as much as I could during my time in the city.

    - Xi'An: The trip was also very good, I must say I think the hotel was truly fantastic and the best I stayed in by far.

    - Shanghai: Jenny is very sweet and was a lovely tour guide, she is definitely someone I would suggest others to use when visiting Shanghai.

    However, I was rather disappointed with my time in Shanghai. I feel that the tour could have fitted in a lot more in and I missed out on some of the main things. Although I was only visiting for 1.5 days, there was still alot I could have seen in that time and so am rather upset that the tour didn't include more.

    Otherwise, I can't express my thanks and gratitude to you Lydia and all the tour guides for welcoming me to China and showing me your wonderful country. I had a lovely time, one that I will always look back on with fond memories. I will of course always suggest for friends to use your services if they ever decide upon a trip to China.

    Please do pass on my thanks to everyone and send Dream my contact details (I fear I gave her the wrong details).

    Best Wishes,