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  • Our repeated customers are happy with their trip to Xian and Hohhot

    Client: Roosinah mohamad Nationality: Malaysia
    Tour Dates: April 6 , 2016 -- April 11 , 2016
    Tour Planner: Alliance
    Itinerary: Xian, Hohhot

    Dear Ricky,

    I would like to thank you to ETC especially ms Alliance Wei for arranging my journey in China.

    She did a great job bef when I made a trip to Harbin. So, I trust she can do the same as for XI'AN and Inner Mongolia.

    As I told ms Alliance, why she charge me so much and also remind me on tippings to guides also very high.

    No doubt, we still give but I'm so surprised with the amount. Anyway, I'm sure every guides are happy with the tippings.

    I'm not happy bcos I get 4 guides and 2 drivers, within 7 days. I really dot feel good about it.

    I think travel agents should study more on Muslim travellers and brief to guides what they should do or shouldn't do....

    Some of my guides are eager to go home, maybe they only been paid for certain hours.BUT, this one I have to mention to you, Never before I had guides that wave to us until we are passed the and my husband really touched with their courtesy and hospitality.

    Maybe your company pay them more, but I dot think money can beat someone's character...the way they treat us is beyond our expectations...

    I must say, I canot thank you enough to them.

    They are our guides in Huhhot, mr rocky and mr Jung.., they really enjoyed their work and we are enjoying Huhhot more than we expect bcos of them...

    Mr Ricky, I hope u won't charge me so much if I plan another trip to China.

    Thank you again to ETC and Ms Alliance. I hope we will have a good and long relationship with u...


    Roosinah mohamad

    Tailor-made China tour itinerary of Muslim 

    Day 1 Xi’an Arrival

    Day 2 Xi’an: Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, Bell Tower, Ancient City Wall

    Day 3 Xi’an: Shaanxi History Museum, Muslim Quarters

    Day 4 Xi’an to Hohhot, Hohhot: Mosque, the Inner Mongolia Museum, Islamic Street

    Day 5 Hohhot to Xi’an, Hohhot: Xilamuren Prairie, Mosque

    Day 6 Xi’an Departure