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  • An Italian couple had a wonderful trip in Yunnan

    Client: Adriano Bucavelli Nationality: Italy
    Tour Dates: October 16 , 2017 -- October 30 , 2017
    Tour Planner: Peicy
    Itinerary: Dongchuan, Jianshui, Yuanyang, Kunming, Dali, Shaxi, Lijiang, Zhongdian

    Dear Ricky

    I'm glad to inform you that our journey in Yunnan has been wonderful! We have appreciated the efficiency of your agency, which have prepared a good itinerary, perfect in every detail, and managed very quickly and perfectly the problem at the Dali airport. Also the guides have been very good, in particular we have appreciated Alvin, who is great. Food and accomodations have been satisfaying and confortable and also drivers and cars. We will surely recommend your agency to every person interested in travelling China.

    Please thanks to Peicy, who gaves us all the support from the first minute on to organize our trip..

    Best regards

    Adriano Bucavelli

    Adriano's Guided Private Tour to Yunnan

    Day 1 Kunming Arrival

    Day 2 Kunming to Dongchuan, Dongchuan: Laterite Fields

    Day 3 Dongchuan to Kunming, Dongchuan: Laterite Fields

    Day 4 Kunming to Jianshui, Kunming: Stone Forest. Jianzhui: The Confucius Temple, Family Zhu's Courtyard Houses

    Day 5 Jianshui to Yuanyang, Jianshui: Family Zhang's Courtyard Houses, Double-Dragon Bridge, Tuanshan Village. Yuanyang: Rice Terraces at Tiger Mouth

    Day 6 Yuanyang: Jingkou Hani Village, Rice terraces built by Hani people, Bada Village, Shengcun Village, Rice Terraces at Duoyishu

    Day 7 Yuanyang to Kunming, Yuanyang: Xinjie Market

    Day 8 Kunming to Dali, Dali: The Three Pagodas, Dali Ancient Town

    Day 9 Dali to Shaxi, Dali: Boating at Erhai Lake, Bai people's Residential Houses at Xizhou. Shaxi: Shaxi ancient town, Shibaoshan Scenic Area

    Day 10 Shaxi to Lijiang, Shaxi: Shaxi Market. Lijiang: Lijiang Old Town

    Day 11 Lijiang: Black Dragon Pool Park, Baisha Mural, Joseph Rock's Former Residence at Yuhu Village, Shuhe Old Town

    Day 12 Lijiang to Zhongdian, Lijiang: Shigu Village, Tiger Leaping Gorge

    Day 13 Zhongdian: Songzanlin Monastery, Nixi Pottery Village

    Day 14 Zhongdian to Kunming, Zhongdian: Pudacuo National Park

    Day 15 Kunming Departure