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  • A British family took a fantastic jouney to China in late July, 2007

    Client: Graham Nationality: United Kingdom
    Tour Dates: July 24 , 2007 -- July 30 , 2007
    Tour Planner: Sherry
    Dear Sherry,
    Thanks for your note. All is very well. We are back at work and into the helter-skelter of life here in the UK. However, we had a fantastic holiday in China. We enjoyed the whole experience even more than we had imagined – scenery, food, people, travel experiences, accommodation, everything.
    We were also highly delighted with how well your / our itinerary worked. All the travel went (roughly) to plan. We were delighted that all of the guides you had organised showed up (and waited when the train was delayed). The accommodation you proposed was all excellent for us - just to the standard we were seeking. We were also very pleased at the help the various guides gave us to try other options which we had not organised – e.g. Chengdu’s Sichuan Opera, Xi’an’s Shanxi Opera, Acrobatics in Beijing, and an extra trip to the Great Wall and a farming village near Datong, etc.
    I appreciated the process of clarification of options and choice which we went through prior to booking the holiday which I think helped enormously in getting us the kinds of bookings we wanted. We also very much appreciated your following us around by telephone to make sure things were okay!
    We would very happily recommend your services to others (well actually, we already have!) and would like to thank you very much for your help in putting our visit together.
    There are two things which I might suggest you consider for serving overseas personnel in future:
    Booking over the internet always feels like taking a bit of a gamble. When I book a holiday in the UK with a UK based travel agency, I have guarantees that the agency is legitimate (by being registered through the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA)), and that if they disappear with my money I would have some comeback through ABTA. For example, in the UK, Thomas Cooke is a well known travel agent. If you look at this website, you will see an “ABTA” and “IATA” icons at the bottom left of the page – this tells the British tourist that this agency is accredited with two leading national and international travel associations and this lends a high degree of legitimacy to the website and to the agency. I am a suspicious type of person and I do worry in case I am being robbed. Rightly or wrongly, when booking this tour in China with yourselves, I felt that there was a VERY SMALL but finite risk that your travel agency was just a website and I had a slight concern that I would turn up in China and find absolutely nothing had happened except you had swallowed my payment with no means of my retrieving it in a very foreign country. All of my dealings with you were extremely professional, you were extremely helpful and answered all of my questions promptly, you did send me a scan of some airline tickets, and all of our dealings made the whole thing seem plausible and legitimate (which it was!). However, I suspect some foreigners who have no knowledge of Easytourchina would be put off dealing with you because of concern of that lack of guarantee if dealing over the internet. I don’t know what you could do in this respect, but you might (or might not!) like to consider ways in which you can give a bit more confidence to the overseas visitor.

    Another extremely simple and secure way in which I have paid people overseas has been using It is websecure and it gives the spender (of the money) full control of the money leaving his account while transferring money between accounts in a couple of days. I have used it successfully in India, in Malawi, and in Italy as well as the UK. It works in China, so this might be another sensible payment means for you to consider using for payment.
    Both of these issues reflect improving simplicity and confidence in the financial transaction. My family all think you have provided us with an excellent service and we would certainly be happy to use Easytourchina again for our next trip to your country. And yes, many people have asked why we did not visit Guilin when in China, so I think it will be on our next travel agenda.
    Many thanks again,
    With Best Wishes,