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  • A Hungarian couple are very happy with their trip to China arranged by Easy Tour China in late March and April

    Client: Dr. Peter Bruck Nationality: Hungary
    Tour Dates: March 27 , 2008 -- April 4 , 2008
    Tour Planner: Fisher
    Itinerary: Guilin, Banna, Lijiang, Chengdu
    Dear Fisher,
    I have signed our new contract with our American partner this morning, so now I have time to respond to your request.
    1. Guides
    Guilin: Sunny 5 - charming personality; good advices
    Banna: John 5 + exceptionally intelligent due to his past (journalist in Beijing)
    Lijiang: David 3
    Chengdu: Nora 4 nice person
    2. Driver+car
    Guilin: 4
    Banna: 5
    Lijiang: 3 (good, but not professional)
    Chengdu: 5+ (smooth and impressive)
    Program: Guilin: We loved it! Next time I would focus to Yangshou and spend all the nights there (and skip the boat trip on River Li). I loved the rafting and would trade in the Li River boat trip for a longer raft trip. The golf cart tour is great. The additional Shangri La tour proposed by the guide (due to the rain) was very nice. I would like to include a walking around Half Moon Hill (weather permitting). The evening ballet performance on the lake/river is phantastic!
    Banna: We loved both the Botanical Garden tour and the Elephant Valley tour. No chage required (maybe next time I would skip the circus-like performance of the elephants). We had a great time in Banna and will recommend it to our friends!
    Lijiang: On the first day we had no time to include the first bend of the Yangce; it is important to clarify with the guide that the guests should be taken at least as far as Tina's Guesthouse (or possibly to Sean's - otherwise they do not see the best part of the TLP). The second day was perfect with the Spruce Meadow, lunch in Shuhe followed by the Naxi Museum at the Black Dragon Park. An expert guide in the museum would be essential (not the usual nice girls - this is the most interesting and unique cultural sight of this trip). We liked Lijiang a lot - especially spectacular after darkness.
    Chengdu: The Panda Center is lovely and the Wenshu Buddist Temple is very interesting. The Jinsha Ruins Museum is only interesting for archeology fans - an art museum or a Sichuan historical museum would be more exciting for us. The Leshan Buddha is interesting but does not fill a full day alone (4 hours drive followed by a 30 mins boat trip); however with the help of Nora we succeeded to visit the adjoining Wuyou Temple - this is extremely interesting (especially the 500 arhat representations); this visit requires two more hours but we were back in chengdu by 17:00.
    all hotels were acceptable to good, except the Novotel in Canton, which was absolutely excellent - a great ending of a nice trip!
    We are extremely pleased with your service and gratefully thank you for your hospitality in Guilin. Looking forward to the next trip to China with you!
    Dr. Peter Bruck
    CEO, Poliphon Ltd.
    Budapest, Hungary