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  • A couple from Virgin Island had a fabulous trip to Southwest China in June

    Client: Nationality: Virgin Islands British
    Tour Dates: June 11 , 2008 -- June 20 , 2008
    Tour Planner: Wei
    Hi, Wei,
    What a WONDERFUL trip!!!!! I hope you and your wife and new baby are doing great!
    April Newland (
    Here below are the pictures taken by the couple:
    The most amazing place in the world - Li An Lodge in Longji - this is a picture of the Yao people working in the rice fields. When we woke up in the morning there were photographers from all over the world photographing the first moment of sunlight reflecting off of the fields. The women work very hard in the fields planting the rice. We were there in the early planting season, but I am told that as the season progresses the rice flowers into a beautiful yellow flower and the fields are streaming down the mountain in bright yellows and gold and in between the 600 year old rice patties they plant red peppers so the contrast is spectacular and vibrant. I wish to visit this area again in my lifetime as I feel we experienced something that most people never get to see. Truly amazing!!!!!!
    This is a picture of my family with the Old Han people in Tianlong in the Old Han Chinese Stone Village with 600 years of history. We saw an ancient Ground Opera there performed by the Old Han people as it was performed 600 years ago and saw the very old original houses and Shannon learned how to shoot a bow and arrow. Very fascinating and part of our trip not to be missed!
    Our family experienced a ceremony of the Miao tribe in Kaili whereby the families invite the spectators to dance with them in their ceremony. We saw the different dances of friendship and harmony and a dance whereby if the suitor of one of the village girls steps on her shoe he is demonstrating that he wants to marry her. We saw hand weaving and the wooded houses built along the hillside and bought some exquisite embroidery that you can not find anywhere else in the world. What a fabulous experience. The people could not have been nicer!