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China Travel Testimonials

See what our customers say in our Testimonial/feedback section! Below are some REAL feedback written by our customers who traveled China with us! We are grateful to share their experiences in China, including the review of our service, attractions, guides, hotels, activities and food.


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  • Two brothers from Europe had a great bike trip from Guizhou to Guilin in November, 2014

    Client: Pekka Salminen Nationality: Finland
    Tour Dates: November 1 , 2014 -- November 8 , 2014
    Tour Planner: Charlie
    Itinerary: Guiyang, Kaili, Pingyang, Rongjiang, Zhaoxing, Sanjiang, Longji, Guilin

    Dear Tina,

    thanks for your e-mail.

    Everything went very well. Charlie prepared a great tour and Bobby was an excellent tour guide.

    We provided detailed comments to Charlie and Rickey after the tour during our pleasant lunch. They were all positive but may help to further impr ...

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  • An Indian family were delighted to have travelled with Easy Tour China in September

    Client: Chetna Nationality: India
    Tour Dates: September 19 , 2014 -- September 29 , 2014
    Tour Planner: Silvia
    Itinerary: Beijing, Xi'an, Guilin, Yangshuo, Shanghai

    Dear Sylvia,

    We are delighted to have travelled with you. Sorry for the delay. It was festival season here so we were extremely busy.

    Our item wise views are:


    Excellent hotel. Super breakfast at hotel.

    Excellent guide. He was just perfect. Speaks good Eng ...

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  • 2 Indian clients had a nice trip in China in October

    Client: Ram.M.C.V Nationality: India
    Tour Dates: October 8 , 2014 -- October 14 , 2014
    Tour Planner: Charlie
    Itinerary: Beijing, Shanghai

    Hi, Tina Yi

    Thank you.

    I had a nice time in china,everything was fine.

    the hotels are good and convinient near by to some shopping place.

    one suggestion regarding hotels is ,the air conditioner seems to have been adjusted to optimum temp ,and we could not control over it an ...

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  • 2 couples from North America had a most excellent holiday in China in October

    Client: Ted Kagetsu Nationality: Canada
    Tour Dates: October 16 , 2014 -- October 22 , 2014
    Tour Planner: Tina
    Itinerary: Xian, Yangtze cruise

    Dear Ricky,

    The 7 day Itinerary that ETC made for us was excellent! Our agent Tina from your company gave us exceptional service , checking to see that everything was on schedule including transportation, hotels, guides and drivers at each city that we visited!

    When there was a dela ...

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  • A family from USA had a lovely time on our trip in early October

    Client: Elizabeth Cruz Nationality: United States
    Tour Dates: October 2 , 2014 -- October 6 , 2014
    Tour Planner: Sarina
    Itinerary: Guilin, Yangshuo

    Hello Tina,

    Thank you very much for your email.

    Overall, we had a lovely time on our trip. Sarina was very helpful in the planning of the trip and was always prompt in answering questions and sending detailed information. I have written some notes below that your company might find ...

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  • A couple from USA said it was excellent all around after their trip to China in September

    Client: Charlene and David Nationality: United States
    Tour Dates: September 14 , 2014 -- September 30 , 2014
    Tour Planner: Sarina
    Itinerary: Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guilin, Hong Kong

    Hi Tina,

    Thanks for following up and inquiring about our experience. Let me start by saying it was excellent all around!

    First of all, Sarina was absolutely amazing! She was thorough, quick to respond, excellent English, ever patient with all of my questions (and believe me, I ha ...

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