Plank Road – Cliffside Path on Mt. Hua

Mountain Huashan, also called Mt.Hua, is located about 120 kilometers away from ancient city Xi’an. It is known as the most precipitous mountain on the global, famed for the narrow paths, precipitous crags and breathtaking mountain scenery. The ancient Proverb “From time immemorial the Mt. Huashan has been only one way to climb atop” testify this.

the iron ladder

(The starting point of a sky walk on Mountain Hua, below is the iron ladder; see the scenery around or at the bottom)

The plank Road on the South Peak of Mt.Hua is said to be the most dangerous place on the mountain range; it is Cliffside plank path built along the side of a vertical cliff. Below is the bottomless gulf which makes travelers shake with fear. So somebody who had walked on this road said it was more frightening than skydiving and bungee jumping.


(See the footholds carved on the mountain; a man is on its journey)

Before starting the walk, travelers can rent out a harness (for security purpose, and travelers can attach the harness to the chain along the plank road). Come to the vertical “ladder” then go down for around 20 meters, which is consisted of some iron bolts that drilled into a narrow chute on the peak.

wooden plank

(The wooden plank road, the harness can attach on the chain along the road for safty use; see the seas of clouds under your foot)

The ladder lead the travelers to the short passage were a few footholds carved into the mountain face; “Don’t look down, you will feel dizzy”, this is the high recommendation from hero who had conquered the Cliffside Walk on Hushan Mountain.

Finished the stone steps, then come to the wooden planks which actually called Changkong Zhdnao, with English name aptly being “floating in Air Road”. It is around 20 meters in length and 0.3 (1 feet) in width. The half-rotten planks lay on some iron bolts that were drilled into the mountain every several meters and were held together by a few rusty nails. Most travelers hold on the iron chains along tightly and face the mountain instead of looking around for grand scenery.

cliff road

(The narrow wooden path)

The plank eventually lead to a small cliff and a shrine where hero can have a little rest and check how much they are still shaking :0.

The same challenge comes when traveler need to finish the journey, take the original way back, the plank road first, then footholds, then ascending the iron ladder at the last. Avoid those travelers who are on their way of descending!

But anyway, the plank road of Mountain Huashan is not highly recommended for travelers. From point of Easy Tour China, we would highly recommend other hiking routes in Huashan instead of walking the plank road.

way back

(Ascending the iron ladder, the last part of the journey)

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