Our Weekend Getaway in Huangmei Village in July, 2013

What’s your plan for this hot summer time? As for Easy Tour China team, we took a delightful weekend getaway to a small COOL village named Huangmei near Guilin in mid-July. In Huangmei, which was seemingly a world away, we had so much fun and were so relaxed, by swimming, dabbling in water and water fighting with all green mountains surrounding. It was just great to have such a break after one week of intense work schedules. 


(Water fighting to cool off)

Huangmei Village is located in the valley of Dongjiang River in Lingchuan Country, about 50 km away from downtown Guilin. The Dongjiang River is actually a cool stream that twists through rolling mountains and dense forests. Residential houses and wood bridges scatter here and there. Given its advantageous landscape, many people from the nearby areas also like to drift here along the stream. After escaping the crowds, we were quickly revived by the fresh air, tranquil ambience, as well as the singing birds and the pleasant murmur of creeks.


(This place is sheer beautiful.)

Moreover, for such an enthusiastic group like us, it's no surprise that we took a series of exciting outdoor activities, such as swimming competition, hiking, reflex games and so forth, which offered so much joy and attracted everyone of us to participate. It’s also worth mentioning that the food we had in the local restaurant was so good! All those cuisine materials and ingredients were virtually home grown, fresh and delicious!


(Have a rest on the suspension bridge after hiking)

(Exciting activities)


(Let's take a picture!)

(Look at the clear green water)

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