10 Tips to Ensure A Good Sleep on A Long-Haul Flight

Falling asleep is without doubt the wisest decision to make to help stay comfortable on a long-haul flight to China. But When you settle down to relax on your long-haul flight and try to get some sleep, trouble is coming – there is no enough legroom and you get wrong seat, a disgruntled baby begins exercising his vocal cords, all sorts of noise are made…  

To make the most of the start of your journey grab some sleep on the airplane, and to create an environment more conducive to sleeping on a plane while in China, here are some helpful tips and pointers:  

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1. Choose the proper seat

A long-haul flight to China could be 10 to 20 hours or more, and your seat will obviously affect your sleep. Try to reserve your seat in advance. It is considered wiser to get a window seat, which you can lean against and get you out of the noise in your row. Furthermore, you’ll also have some control over the window shade. Bulkhead seats and the seats of the last row are not suggested to pick. 

2. Settle down and relax

Keep a few small necessities and important items in a bag with you. The rest can be put in the overhead compartment. Then try to relax and get rid of the stress, anxiety and pressure, which may keep you up. 

3. Dress comfortably

You are not suggested to put on your pajamas on the plane, but you can wear loose-fitting clothes and shoes, which will help to relax and grab the sleep easier. 

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4. No coffee

The caffeine will make it harder to sleep on the plane. And don’t drink too much wine, or you'll have to make much time to the lavatory and it may cause yourself some dehydration and a headache. 

5. Blankets and pillows

There is a blanket and pillow that you can ask for once you get on the plane. But even better you can take your own neck pillow that really supports your neck and works for you. 

6. Bring your go-to gear

In addition to the travel pillow, you also need an eye mask to stay away from the light, a set of earplug or noise-canceling headphone to block out the noise. These are very helpful for those who are easily distracted or very light sleepers. 

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7. Music 

Never forget your ipod with some soothing music that can help tune out distractions and noise, and lull you into a peaceful sleep on the plane. 

8. Fasten your seat belt 

Remember to place your seatbelt above your blanket. Or you will be woken by cabin crew to check if you are buckled in when there is turbulence on the flight.

9. Recline your seat 

After the airplane takes off, adjust your seat into the most comfortable position, then sleep is more likely to come. 

10. Sleep aid

If falling asleep on planes can be real challenging for you, and you need some sleep aid, like sleeping pills and herbal supplements, you can first have a try at home or speak to your doctor, as these pills may vary greatly in how they affect individuals.

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