Top Ten Extraordinary Honeymoon Destinations in China

You have been given a perfect love with that special someone, and would certainly prefer to go somewhere extraordinary to start your happy married life. So we come up with China’s 10 best romantic places for honeymooners, of which, some are tranquil yet awe-inspiring, and some are off-the-beaten-track but promising a lifetime’s worth of romantic memories.

1. Yangtze Cruise

China’s most legendary water system Yangtze River is best seen by taking a cruise. Enjoy your cruise voyage – a great honeymoon idea that that never goes out of style – with the luxurious cruise ship and the finest service, to many must-see sights of China. >> Read More about Yangtze River

Yangtze Cruise Honeymoon trip

2. Tibet

If you are looking for a special place for your honeymoon trip, we invite you to have a stay in Tibet. On the sacred, pure land of Tibet, there is always something fantastic to experience –holy highland lakes, world-famous palaces and monasteries of unique religious belief and culture, and the world's highest point Mount Everest. Love is in blessing here. >> Read More about Tibet  

Tibet Honeymoon Tours

3. Zhangjiajie

What a treat to get into the magic land of Zhangjiajie. You will find quartz and sandstone geomorphologic structure rare on earth. Zhangjiajie embraces the unique and unparalleled natural settings with wonderfully precipitous mountains and unspoiled peaceful lakes, making it a paradise for honeymoon. >> Read More about Zhangjiajie 

China Zhangjiajie Honeymoon Tours

4. Fenghuang Old Town

There in that old town, the Tuo River is lined with wooden stilted buildings; the stone paths are full of souvenir shops and stalls and local-favor restaurants, pubs and cafes with ambient music. Romance happens at any time and makes you forget the outside world. >> Read More about Fenghuang Old Town 

Fenghung Ancient Town tours for newlyweds

5. Yangshuo

Take a cruise trip down picturesque Li River to Yangshuo. With its laid-back atmosphere and incredible natural beauty mixed with strangely shaped Karst hills, crystal clear waters and spectacular caves, Yangshuo is an appealing choice for all honeymooners. >> Read More about Yangshuo  

Guilin Yangshuo tours for honeymooners

6. Hangzhou

In addition to the beautiful West Lake, time-honored temples and museums, newly- married people can also visit Wuzhen Water Town. What a paradise! Moreover, you are not supposed to miss the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal to experience the fun local life. >> Read More about Hangzhou 

China Hangzhou Honeymoon tours

7. Kanas Lake

An environmental official of United Nations once said, “Kanas Lake is the last landscape resource on earth that has not been developed and utilized…” here, newlyweds will experience the four season sceneries at one day, from glaciers and snowcapped mountains to grasslands, wetlands and cold temperate zone fauna and flora. >> Read More about Kanas Lake  

China Xinjiang Tours for honeymooners

8. Taklamakan Desert

Taklamakan Desert - “The Sea of Death” – is one of the most mysterious and attractive deserts in the world. Picture-perfect desert scenery with lovely oasis, majestic Tarim Desert Highway, and arrays of thousand-year-old euphrates poplar trees have set the scene for a great desert adventure for honeymooners. >> Read More about China’s desert adventure 

China desert tours for newlyweds

9. Sichuan Province

Sichuan in West China is a simple, humble province, but boasts breathtaking natural sceneries and splendid minority cultures and traditions. There are numerous legends and romance widely known in a dozen ethnic groups. A China honeymoon to Sichuan should cover heavenly Jiuzhaigou Valley, idyllic Shangli Old Town, and leisurely city Chengdu for the cute pandas. >> Read More about Sichuan Province

China Jiuzhaigou tours for honeymoon 

10. Dali

Allow yourselves a romantic travel further to Dali, and stay longer for the hard-won quietness. Honeymooners are encouraged to ride a bike along the crisscross paths to the small villages, wonder through Shuanglang Town hand in hand, and take a boat floating on the Er’hai Lake…
If you want more lakes and peace, venture into Lugu Lake (on the border of Yunnan and Sichuan). >> Read More about Dali

China Dali Tours for honeymoon

Lugu Lake vacations for newlyweds

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