Langmusi: An Unknown, Distinctive Tibetan Town in South Gansu

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Hidden in the mysterious Gannan Amdo Tibetan Area, at the juncture of Zoige County, Sichuan Province and Luqu County, Gansu Province, Langmusi (郎木寺) is a primitive, solitary Tibetan town.

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It is unknown to the world, but another should-not-missed destination for Tibet culture chasers - here, Amto Tibetans and Muslims live together peacefully, great stretches of mountains, meadows, rivers and gorges remain to be discovered…

It's worth hiring a local guide to explain you the two Tibetan monasteries (Sertri Gompa and Kirti Gompa) and the great Hui Mosque, the grand Buddhist festival of Sun Buddha, the sky burial - the traditional Tibetan ritual in which vultures consume the bodies, and escort you by horse trekking to the White Dragon River and Langmusi Gorge for the really breathtaking landscape. It is also possible for you to stay with the friendly Tibetan nomads.

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A trip to South Gansu is somewhat like cleansing spirit, as you are likely to slow down and acquire peace of mind by visiting the Buddhist Institute Labrang Monastery and exploring around the aloof Zhagana village, Sangke Grassland and Gahai Lake.

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