5 Tips for First Time Mountain Hikes in China

For those looking for an exciting and rewarding mountain climbing experience in China, the country boasts numerous awesome peaks with dozens of trails that are on par with the best in the world and meet all abilities and interests. However, for your first mountain hike in China, here are some basic tips and advices.

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1. Assemble the perfect itinerary

No matter how many times you have reached the mountain summit, this time may be different. Therefore, take your time to plot out a route, fully understand the road/trail condition, as well as the terrain and elevation, so as to keep away from any possibility of rock fall or mud-rock flows.

2. Make sure your hiking gear is in good shape

Pack lightly, dress appropriately and comfortably, and equip yourself with some safety equipment. Do not wear high heels, even it is an easiest hike, as it may cause inconvenience or potential safety hazard. Prepare yourself alpenstock, backpack, sport hiking shoes, hat, sunglasses, glove, knee pa or anything you needs most. 

3. Keep an eye on the weather forecast

The weather in the mountainous areas changes quickly and varies from one part to another in a day. Keep abreast of the weather in order to dress accordingly and start the trip in a good weather.

4. Travel with friends or a group

It is better and safer to travel with a group. But if you are a solo traveler and decide to climb a mountain alone, make sure you bring with the safety equipment like mountaineering locator. Try not venture into the remote and dangerous trails.

5. You may need a local guide

China’s diverse mountain landscape offers a lot for mountain lovers. Many of the mountains are still untouched. Even the most detailed contour maps tend to be unreliable in these areas, so you’re suggested to hire an experienced local guide.




Destinations for a mountain trip in China

Mt. Everest – the roof of the world

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Great Wall – it winds its way across mountains like a huge dragon

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Mt. Hua – China’s most precipitous mountain with thrilling plank roads

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Yellow Mountain – the most scenic mountain in China

Zhangjiajie – the oddly-shaped mountain peaks inspired Avatar

Mt. Wuyishan – a UNCESCO World Natural and Cultural heritage

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