Explore China’s Most Famous Water Town Wuzhen with Photos

Make a romantic approach to China’s ancient water town Wuzhen, and enjoy the peaceful and relaxing hours by boating on the limpid river, roaming in the century-old streets, or drinking a cup of tea in a quint tea house with subtle traditional music – you will feel as if you were in a captivating Chinese ink painting!

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In east of China, Wuzhen has a history of over 7000 years, and still keeps its elegant original look.

Wuzhen travel guide

The intriguing Chinese ancient town with diverse arched bridges, narrow lanes and old dwellings of blue brick flies and white walls, painted pillars and carved beams is about to take us back to the past…

China tours to Wuzhen Water Town:

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Wuzhen Town travel tips

Wuzhen Travel tips

Wuzhen are particularly enchanting when the night falls and the lanterns are lighted. If you are looking for a boisterous place, go enjoy the fun with others around the ancient theaters.

Wuzhen Water Town night view

Basic Wuzhen travel guide:

1. Allow yourself at least two days to explore the most of Wuzhen.

2. Wuzhen consists of Dongzha and Xizha. The smaller Dongzha is more pristine, while Xizha features more beautiful night scene.

3. The accommodation in Wuzhen: there are star-rated hotels, boutique hotels, and budget guesthouses.

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4. How to get to Wuzhen Water Town:

From Hangzhou - Option 1: take the bullet train to Tongxiang city, then change for a cab or bus from Tongxiang train station to Wuzhen. Option 2: Take the express bus from Hangzhou East Bust Station directly to Wuzhen.

From Shanghai - Option 1: take the bullet train from Shanghai Hongqiao to Tongxiang city, then change for a cab or bus from Tongxiang train station to Wuzhen. Option 2: take the express bus from Shanghai South Bus Station directly to Wuzhen.


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